Serbian Officials encourage Destabilization in Northern Kosovo

BogdanovicPRISTINA, Kosovo — Reportedly several officials from the Serbian Government crossed the border to Kosovo illegally. On Friday 3rd June, Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo, Goran Bogdanovic, entered the mainly Serb populated northern Kosovo territory without permission from the Kosovo Government. In the Serb controlled northern Mitrovica Bogdano- vic then officially presented a Serbian government donation of 350,000 Euro cash for Kosovo-Serb owned enterprises. Already a day before, on 2nd. June – the head of the Serbian delegation for the Dialogue with Kosovo, Broko Stefanovic paid an illegal visit to the same region. Bypassing the official border controls, Stefanovic obviously used the smuggler routes from Serbia to Kosovo.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Dubrava prison massacre

slobodan M [ … the prisoners were told to line up on the sports field … police started firing from the guard tower and the jail walls, using hand grenades, bazookas and automatic weapons … about 20 officers opened fire … total chaos with prisoners falling down all over the place. It all stopped some 20 minutes later, allegedly for the guards to reload ]
PRISTINA, Kosovo — The last Sunday was used by parts of the Kosovo-Albanian population to remember the 12th year of the Dubrava prision massacre in Kosovo. On 22nd. May 1999 reportedly 160 mainly Kosovo-Albanian political prisoners were murdered by Serbian paramilitary forces, police and military. Another 300 prisoners were wounded.

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Kosovo Police leaks, EULEX says

KospolicePRISTINA, Kosovo — As to Kosovo media representatives of the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo (EULEX) expressed strong dissatis-faction about close relations of Kosovo Police officers from northern Kosovo with "suspects who are under investigation or prosecution". EULEX Police investigations are said to be repeatedly hampered. Several Police operati- ons seemingly failed due to cooperation of Serb Kosovo police officers with suspects from the mainly Serb populated areas. According to a Kosovo daily, a source within EULEX confirmed that in many cases suspects in the field of organized crime managed to escape before being arrested:

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Kosovo Police in northern Kosovo

KP2PRSTINA, Kosovo — A week ago, the director general of the Kosovo Police, Reshat Maliqi, proclaimed to take measures against organized crime in the mainly Serb populated northern territory of Kosovo. This was accom-panied by harsh comments about the inactivity of EULEX, the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, in terms of sus-tainably providing law and order within the respective area. Now Kosovo Police, seemingly in cooperation with EULEX, started implementing first activities:

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Europe Day in Kosovo – no reason to celebrate!

KosovoPRISTINA, Kosovo — The Europe Day in Kosovo was "celebrated" on 9th May. However, smiling faces are to find mainly at those who enjoyed the day off. The image of the EU in Kosovo is worse than ever. In particular the EU Rule-of-Law mission in Kosovo (EULEX) lacks results and faces an increasingly damaged reputation.  Inactivity and ignorance are comm-only used attributes to describe EULEX in the Kosovar public opinion over the past weeks. In contradiction to its own objectives as well as to the proclaimed values of most EU member states, which sponsor this mission with 100 m Euro every year, EULEX is obviously not providing ‘Law and Order’ equally allover Kosovo.

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Kosovo Police to fight crimes in Serb populated northern Kosovo

KP1PRISTINA, Kosovo — Reportedly the Kosovo Police Forces are expected to intervene in the predominantly Serb populated  northern Kosovo in the third week of May. As to Kosovo media, the director general of the Kosovo Police, Reshat Maliqi, stated that foreseen activities are based on an operational plan with the aim to hit criminal networks. According to Maliqi, the Kosovo Police launched several changes in its chain of command in order to implement according activities. This process is said to be finished in a few days: "… after Thursday, there will be something" Maliqi said. 

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Pristina Officials Arrested – politically motivated?

ISA_MustafaPRISTINA, Kosovo — Six officials of the Prishtina City Municipality were arrested by Kosovo police. The arrested are ​​under suspicion to have misused financial means of the municipality in the context with a public tender. The alleged criminal damage is said to be several hundred-thousand euros. Both the municipal director for infrastructure as well as the Prishtina head of procurement belong to the arrested. Reportedly the respective persons will remain in custody for 48 hours. According to a statement of the Kosovo Police, "investigations are conducted by the Directorate for Economic Crimes and Corruption".

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Kosovo Police won’t ask EULEX

MaliqiPRISTINA, Kosovo — According to Kosovar broadcasting media the Kosovo Police director Reshat Maliqi doesn’t intend to ask for EULEX permissions regarding police activities in the Serb populated north of the Kosovar territory. Reportedly director Maliqi is even ready to send Kosovo Special Police Forces if required. “There are movements of criminal groups in the Bosniac mahalla and Suhodoll, and when they violate the law through smuggling, or risk the life or property of people, then we don’t need any special permission to be present there with our specialised units, but we go out and do our job” Maliqi said in an interview with a Kosovar TV station.

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US – Balkans Business Summit ++ regional trade zone ++ Port of Durres + Minimum Wage + Kosovo Central Bank Investigation

DurresPRISHTINA / PRISTINA ++ A two-day business summit on the Western Balkans begins today in Maryland, though Serbia will not attend in protest over Kosovo’s participation. The aim of the summit is to help strengthen cooperation between Western Balkan countries, further develop economic ties between the US and region, and help the Balkan countries on their path to European integration …  ++ Kosovo’s president Pacolli asked neighbouring Macedonia to ease travel restrictions for Kosovars and promote a free-trade zone in the Balkans ++ The authority of Port of Durrës has opened the office in Prishtina … ++ Unions request minimum wage of 250 € monthly for Kosovo ++ Kosovo Police is suspecting former CBK officials were planning to leave only … ProCredit and Reiffeisen bank, the local Economic Bank, including the insurance company ‘Siguria’ – while all other banks were planned to be shut down … >> On further stories take a look also at the last Media Monitor.

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    Balkan Insight'19000 Fake War Veterans in Kosovo': State ProsecutorBalkan Insight“According to the information I have, in the investigation stage, we have obtained evidence that proves that 19,000 war veterans have illegally taken benefits from the [government] Commission on War Veterans and Invalids,” Kosovo's state prosecutor ...
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    The GuardianDua Lipa's father stages music festival for 'peace-loving' KosovoThe GuardianNow, the 22-year-old will headline at a festival in Pristina this week, which the family hopes will boost Kosovo's image abroad and its national pride at home. “We want to give people a sense of belonging, of European living and the idea that we are . […]
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    Balkan InsightKosovo Prosecutor Resigns After Alleged ThreatsBalkan InsightThe unexpected resignation after alleged threats of Elez Blakaj, a special prosecutor who was investigating the abuse of Kosovo Liberation Army war veterans' lists, sparked consternation in Kosovo on Wednesday. Blakaj worked for the Kosovo Special ...
  • After two decades, the hidden victims of the Kosovo war are finally recognised - The Guardian 03/08/2018
    The GuardianAfter two decades, the hidden victims of the Kosovo war are finally recognisedThe GuardianKosovo's landscape is dotted with tributes to freedom fighters, dead and missing; to heroes and martyrs of the ethnic Albanian uprising against the Yugoslav regime that was led by Serbian warlord Slobodan Milosevic. But nothing marks what Human Rights . […]

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  • Kosovo, Serbia Leaders to Talk Border Changes 18/08/2018
    The growing realization that the presidents of Serbia and Kosovo are prepared to discuss redrawing borders is facing a hard sell in both countries. Yet, while Germany's chancellor has called the idea unworkable, European Union officials have yet to come down on one side or the other of the issue, and Both Serbia's Aleksandar Vucic and his Kosovan c […]
  • Can a Music Festival Make Kosovo Cool? 17/08/2018
    Last Friday afternoon, Dukagjin Lipa, 49, sat backstage at Kosovo's first major music festival, bleary-eyed and trying to ignore the two cellphones ringing on the table in front of him. Founding the three-day Sunny Hill Festival - headlined by his daughter, the pop star Dua Lipa - had turned out to be tough.
  • Quick Border Deal Between Kosovo, Serbia Could Quickly Ignite Balkans 17/08/2018
    Both Kosovar President Hashim Thaci and his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic are amenable to the idea of redrawing the borders between their countries. Talks between Serbia and Kosovo on a possible redrawing of borders largely along ethnic lines are threatening to reignite a familiar European tinderbox.
  • Kosovo president wants to redraw border with Serbia to ease tensions 15/08/2018
    The Balkan nations have made little progress on normalizing relations since agreeing to do so in 2013 as a prerequisite for EU membership. Kosovo President Hashim Thaci speaks during interview in Pristina, Kosovo, on August 14, 2018.

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