Kosovo Liberation Day

Nato2PRISTINA, Kosovo — Kosovo was liberated from Serbian suppression by NATO troops entering the now independent state on 12th. June 1999. Several Kosovo officials on this occasion expressed gratitude to the European Union and the USA. The NATO intervention 12 years ago  ended a (at least) decades long ruling of a racist apartheid regime of Serbia in Kosovo. Particularly under the Milosevic presidency of Serbia respectively Yugoslavia, Kosovo Albanians faced a strong suppressi- on, starting from the annulment of Kosovo’s autonomy status within Serbia and Yugoslavia in 1989: Read the rest of this entry »

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Serbian Officials encourage Destabilization in Northern Kosovo

BogdanovicPRISTINA, Kosovo — Reportedly several officials from the Serbian Government crossed the border to Kosovo illegally. On Friday 3rd June, Serbia’s Minister for Kosovo, Goran Bogdanovic, entered the mainly Serb populated northern Kosovo territory without permission from the Kosovo Government. In the Serb controlled northern Mitrovica Bogdano- vic then officially presented a Serbian government donation of 350,000 Euro cash for Kosovo-Serb owned enterprises. Already a day before, on 2nd. June – the head of the Serbian delegation for the Dialogue with Kosovo, Broko Stefanovic paid an illegal visit to the same region. Bypassing the official border controls, Stefanovic obviously used the smuggler routes from Serbia to Kosovo.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Austrian KFOR soldier accused of rape

Austrian-KFORPRISTINA, Kosovo — 8,000 NATO and allied troops are stationed in Kosovo to improve the fragile security situation. Instead some of them see- mingly contribute to insecurity by misusing their privileged status – including granted immunity. Now a 37-year-old Austrian sergeant is suspected of raping several women working in a KFOR military camp. Austrian army on Friday filed charges against the soldier on suspicion of having committed violations during the time served as part of KFOR in Kosovo. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic Illusions

John.SewelBRUSSELS / PRISTINA, Kosovo — Poor govern-ance and slow economic growth continue to be major obstacles in the process of the Euro-Atlantic integration of western Balkan countries. This is the outcome of a report, which the British politician John Sewel, in his function of the Rapporteur for the Committee on Economics and Security, recently presented to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly: "The road … is rocky, and only Croatia seems close to achieving the basic qualifications … The others face daunting challenges … These include the debt crisis, problems of governance and corruption … and enlargement fatigue among some EU governments and their publics."  Read the rest of this entry »

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Dubrava prison massacre

slobodan M [ … the prisoners were told to line up on the sports field … police started firing from the guard tower and the jail walls, using hand grenades, bazookas and automatic weapons … about 20 officers opened fire … total chaos with prisoners falling down all over the place. It all stopped some 20 minutes later, allegedly for the guards to reload ]
PRISTINA, Kosovo — The last Sunday was used by parts of the Kosovo-Albanian population to remember the 12th year of the Dubrava prision massacre in Kosovo. On 22nd. May 1999 reportedly 160 mainly Kosovo-Albanian political prisoners were murdered by Serbian paramilitary forces, police and military. Another 300 prisoners were wounded.

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Courts fail to address divorce cases + Kosovo remembers 1999 air strikes + Opinion on Prishtina-Belgrade conflict

divorce1PRISHTINA / PRISTINA ++ The OSCE says courts in Kosovo are failing to appropriately judge cases involving divorce and foster children … this failure violates the legal framework in Kosovo ++ On March 24th, Kosovo will mark the twelfth anniversary of the 1999 NATO air strikes against the regime of Slobodan Milosevic. This year, however, the occasion has new significance … ++ There can’t be talks between Pristina and Belgrade without first agreeing on the history of their conflict … Belgrade and Pristina should agree that Ibrahim Rugova and Zoran Djindjic are to be recognized both as heroes against Serb fascism …

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  • Kosovo ex-PM Haradinaj's extradition rejected by French court - BBC News 27/04/2017
    BBC NewsKosovo ex-PM Haradinaj's extradition rejected by French courtBBC NewsA French court has refused to extradite a former prime minister of Kosovo who served as a rebel commander during the conflict with Serbia. Ramush Haradinaj, 48, is wanted by Serbia for alleged war crimes in 1999. Detained on a Serbian arrest warrant as ...French Court Refuses t […]
  • The shy Balkan lynx is one of the rarest big cats in the world. They're native to Kosovo where living standards are ... - Deutsche Welle 28/04/2017
    Deutsche WelleThe shy Balkan lynx is one of the rarest big cats in the world. They're native to Kosovo where living standards are ...Deutsche WelleGlobal 3000. Kosovo: Balkan lynxes and cowslips. The shy Balkan lynx is one of the rarest big cats in the world. They're native to Kosovo where living standards are low. New sustainable income sources, s […]
  • Kosovo Playwright 'Threatened by War Veterans' - Balkan Insight 28/04/2017
    Balkan InsightKosovo Playwright 'Threatened by War Veterans'Balkan InsightNeziraj said that he was threatened by the war veterans the day before his play, 'Bordel Balkan', is due to premiere at the Kosovo National Theatre in Pristina on Friday. “A group of them, about eight or nine, came to the National Theatre and made it ...
  • Defamation Proposal Alarms Kosovo Rights Groups - Balkan Insight 28/04/2017
    Balkan InsightDefamation Proposal Alarms Kosovo Rights GroupsBalkan InsightNGOs in Kosovo, including the Association of Journalists of Kosovo, on Thursday condemned a proposed draft law, amending criminal code articles 134/C and 134/D, that would jail people for insulting the flag and national anthem or defaming top politicians.
  • Change of command of Canadian force in Kosovo held Thursday - Ottawa Citizen 28/04/2017
    Ottawa CitizenChange of command of Canadian force in Kosovo held ThursdayOttawa CitizenThe new commander for Operation KOBOLD, Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth Mills, assumed command from Lieutenant-Colonel Simon Poudrier Thursday during a ceremony at the NATO headquarters in Pristina, Kosovo, the Canadian military said.
  • Kosovo Special Court Forced to Revise Procedures - Balkan Insight 26/04/2017
    Balkan InsightKosovo Special Court Forced to Revise ProceduresBalkan InsightThe Kosovo Constitutional Court ruled on Wednesday that out of a total of 208 rules, ten provisions in the new Hague-based specialist court's Rules of Procedure and Evidence need further consideration as they are not in line with Kosovo constitution ...
  • French court refuses to extradite ex-Kosovo PM Haradinaj to Serbia - bne IntelliNews 27/04/2017
    French court refuses to extradite ex-Kosovo PM Haradinaj to Serbiabne IntelliNewsHaradinaj, now the leader of the opposition Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and a lawmaker, was detained in Basel on January 4. He spent a week in prison before he was released and ordered to hand over his passport, and remained in France ...
  • Abdul Basit finally settled in Kosovo and enjoying his football - Ghanasoccernet.com 27/04/2017
    Ghanasoccernet.comAbdul Basit finally settled in Kosovo and enjoying his footballGhanasoccernet.comGhanaian international Khalid Abdul Basit has expressed his excitement over his current form in the Kosovo Superliga for FC Prishtina. Basit, who is a former player of Dreams Football Club scored the only goal in a lone victory over Gjilani to move his ...
  • Serbia Warns Albania Bid to Annex Kosovo Could Lead to War - Antiwar.com 24/04/2017
    Antiwar.comSerbia Warns Albania Bid to Annex Kosovo Could Lead to WarAntiwar.comSerbian officials are warning that the Albanian ambitions to absorb Kosovo could easily lead to another war in the Balkans, and that NATO and the European Union need to publicly rule out that possibility in an effort to forestall another ethnic war ...Serbia, Russia Condemn Sugge […]
  • Albania grants citizenship to Kosovo's ex-premier Haradinaj - Fox News 24/04/2017
    Fox NewsAlbania grants citizenship to Kosovo's ex-premier HaradinajFox NewsTIRANA, Albania – Albania's president has granted citizenship to the former prime minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj. Bujar Nishani on Monday issued a decree granting Albanian citizenship to Haradinaj and his wife Anita. Many Kosovars have been ...and more »

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  • French deny Serbs' plea for extradition 28/04/2017
    A French court on Thursday refused to extradite a former Kosovo prime minister to Serbia to face war-crimes charges, prompting anger in Serbia and joy in Kosovo in a case that has aggravated tensions between the rival neighbors. The court in the northeastern town of Colmar released Ramush Haradinaj immediately after Thursday's decision.
  • Should McDonald's workers get $50G reward in Facebook murder case? 27/04/2017
    Facebook logo is displayed on the screen of an iPad in New York. A Facebook video of an Ohio man shooting a 74-year-old retiree in Cleveland was up for three hours Sunday The man who randomly killed a Cleveland retiree and posted video of the crime on Facebook shot himself to death on Tuesday in Pennsylvania, police said.
  • French appeals court refuses extradition of ex-Kosovo PM Haradinaj 27/04/2017
    President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj, a Kosovo Albanian former guerilla commander who served briefly as prime minister, speaks during an interview with Reuters at the AAK headquarters in Pristina December 4, 2012. A French appeals court on Thursday said it had refused the extradition to Serbia of former Kosovo prime minister Ra […]
  • In Pics | #EarthDayWithDNA: Here's how Earth Day was celebrated all around 22/04/2017
    Nepalese environmental activists take part in a protest to mark Earth Day by covering themselves in plastic sheets to protest against air pollution in Kathmandu on April 22, 2017. School girls with painted faces during ''Save Earth'' awareness program on the eve of World Earth Day at a school in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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  • Albania MPs Elect Speaker Meta as President 28/04/2017
    With the support of the center-left majority, the speaker of Albania’s parliament, former premier Ilir Meta, was elected President of Albania on Friday amid an opposition boycott.
  • Macedonia Braces for More Protests After Parliament Riot 28/04/2017
    After Thursday's rampage in parliament left more than 100 people injured, police have boosted security around the building, anticipating more protests by VMRO DPMNE supporters, set for Friday.
  • Well-Known Newspapers Face Closure in Macedonia 28/04/2017
    Dozens of journalists could be left jobless if - as expected - managers pull the plug on some of Macedonia's best-known newspapers this weekend.
  • Montenegro MPs Back NATO Treaty Despite Protests 28/04/2017
    Eleven years after it gained independence, Montenegrin MPs voted to join the Western military alliance - much to the outrage of the large Serbian community in the country may of whose members demonstrated outside the assembly.
  • Serbia Moves Refugees From Sid Following Campaign 28/04/2017
    After locals in the Serbian border town of Sid complained of threats to their safety, authorities are removing refugees from a centre located near the town's train station.
  • Kosovo Playwright ‘Threatened by War Veterans’ 28/04/2017
    Playwright Jeton Neziraj alleged that Kosovo Liberation Army veterans threatened to kill him if he stages his new play because they believe that it defames the wartime guerrilla force.
  • Defamation Proposal Alarms Kosovo Rights Groups 28/04/2017
    A draft law amending the criminal code, adding articles on defamation of the President, government and state symbols, has alarmed civil society groups, journalists, legal experts and others.
  • Montenegro MPs Gather For Historic NATO Vote 28/04/2017
    Opposition and anti-NATO groups in Montenegro have announced mass protests on Friday, when parliament is due to meet in the old royal capital to ratify the membership protocol.
  • Macedonia Shaken by Violence in Parliament 27/04/2017
    Police used flash grenades to drive protesters out of parliament and evacuate MPs trapped inside after lawmakers including opposition leader Zoran Zaev were assaulted inside the legislature.
  • Thousands Welcome Freed Ex-PM Haradinaj in Kosovo 27/04/2017
    Celebrating crowds in central Pristina greeted former Kosovo Prime Minister and ex-guerrilla Ramush Haradinaj, after a French court refused to extradite him to Serbia to face war crimes charges.
  • Violence Erupts as Protesters Storm Macedonia Parliament 27/04/2017
    At least four MPs were injured when supporters of the former ruling VMRO DPMNE party stormed the legislature after the former opposition elected a parliamentary speaker in a bid to form a government.
  • Croatia PM Shakes Coalition With Triple Sacking 27/04/2017
    After Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic axes three ministers from the junior ruling party for disloyalty to a colleague, the future of his coalition government is looking cloudy.
  • Bulgarian Bikers Join Putin’s ‘Wolves’ on Soviet Ride 27/04/2017
    Ten Bulgarian bikers will join Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favourite motorcycle club, the Night Wolves, on their ‘Victory Road’ trip, following the Soviet Red Army’s route to Berlin.
  • Serbia Slams France’s Refusal to Extradite Hardinaj 27/04/2017
    Serbia will issue a diplomatic protest note and temporarily recall its ambassador from Paris over a French court’s decision to not to extradite former Kosovo guerrilla and ex-Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj to Belgrade.
  • Moldova’s President Bars Military from NATO Exercise 27/04/2017
    Moldova’s pro-Russian President Igor Dodon, who wants the country to be militarily neutral, said that the participation of 50 troops in a NATO exercise in Romania was “inappropriate”.
  • France Refuses to Extradite Kosovo Ex-PM to Serbia 27/04/2017
    A French court has rejected Serbia’s extradition request for former Kosovo Prime Minister and ex-guerrilla Ramush Haradinaj, who is wanted in Belgrade on war crimes charges.
  • Plight of Bosnia's Public Broadcaster Causes Alarm 27/04/2017
    As Bosnia's state level broadcaster, BHRT, struggles to pay its bills, there are warnings that its disappearance would be a disaster for the country's divided media scene.
  • ‘War Threats’ Dominate Serbian Front Pages 27/04/2017
    Serbian tabloids have been publishing sensationalist reports about the possibility of war with Albania and Kosovo, but analysts said this simply allows the authorities to present themselves as guarantors of security.