Kosovo: 100 days failure

banana-bluePRISTINA, Kosovo — The Kosovo daily Koha Ditore commented on the first hundred days of the 2nd. Thaci government: Compared to the 100 days of Thaci’s first mandate the current Government drafted less laws and took fewer decisions. The Prime Minister’s official visits abroad were less and fewer official guests visited Kosovo. During these hundred days the Government couldn’t ensure a new recognition for Kosovo’s independence. The main increase refers to the number of Government officials:   Read the rest of this entry »


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Dubrava prison massacre

slobodan M [ … the prisoners were told to line up on the sports field … police started firing from the guard tower and the jail walls, using hand grenades, bazookas and automatic weapons … about 20 officers opened fire … total chaos with prisoners falling down all over the place. It all stopped some 20 minutes later, allegedly for the guards to reload ]
PRISTINA, Kosovo — The last Sunday was used by parts of the Kosovo-Albanian population to remember the 12th year of the Dubrava prision massacre in Kosovo. On 22nd. May 1999 reportedly 160 mainly Kosovo-Albanian political prisoners were murdered by Serbian paramilitary forces, police and military. Another 300 prisoners were wounded.

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EU foreign affairs chief Ashton visits Kosovo

ashtonEUPRISTINA, Kosovo — The EU tourism continues. Kosovo dailies report, that  the EU’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, intends to meet the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, and Prime Minister Hashim Thaci in Kosovo’s capital city Prishtina on 27th May – only one week after the visit of European Commission president Barroso. Likewise Barroso, also Ashton is expected to address the EU backed technical dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia in Brussels – as well as to encourage an agreement between the two parties. Prior to Kosovo, Ashton meets Serbia’s official’s a day before in Belgrade.

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Kosovo, contradictions of the European presence – Interview with Andrea Capussela

Andrea.CapusselaPRISTINA, Kosovo – Andrea Capussela was the head of the Economic and Financial Affairs Unit of the International Civilian Office (ICO) in Kosovo. He served on this position from Spring 2008 until March 2011. Only three hours before his contract would have ended, Capussela was fired from his post for "disciplinary reasons".  In April 2011 he published an article at the British ‘guardian’, with very critical viewpoints about the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo – EULEX – and the ICO. Against this background Francesco Martino now interviewed Capussela, who was ready to give further insights and details on his experiences in Kosovo:

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Kosovo Police leaks, EULEX says

KospolicePRISTINA, Kosovo — As to Kosovo media representatives of the EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo (EULEX) expressed strong dissatis-faction about close relations of Kosovo Police officers from northern Kosovo with "suspects who are under investigation or prosecution". EULEX Police investigations are said to be repeatedly hampered. Several Police operati- ons seemingly failed due to cooperation of Serb Kosovo police officers with suspects from the mainly Serb populated areas. According to a Kosovo daily, a source within EULEX confirmed that in many cases suspects in the field of organized crime managed to escape before being arrested:

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Kosovo ICO Head Pieter Feith – “The Rule of Law and the recent past”

Pieter.FeithPRISTINA, Kosovo – Opinion Piece by Pieter Feith. The Rule of Law and the recent past: "In the last couple of months we have witnessed a debate challenging the arrests of former KLA members in the context of war crimes investigation. In some quarters, it was alleged that these arrests would put the legitimacy of the KLA’s liberation war into question. Many claim that the main focus should be on combating corruption and organized crime rather than on alleged war crimes. The process and indeed requirement of coming to terms with the recent past in Kosovo can be difficult and painful.

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‘Our Negroes, our Enemies’ – on Kosovo: or how Serbs see Albanians

Vladimir Arsenijevic

BELGRADE / PRISTINA — An essay of the Serbian writer Vladimir Arsenijevic outlines the difficult relationship of his compatriots to the Albanians. The article is from 2007 – but again relevant for the actual discussion. It provides an insight view on the deep rooted racism in former Yugoslavia and Serbia. A useful ‘attachment’ to below reviewed question, if Serbia lost Kosovo deservedly: "For all ex-Yugo-slavs, but particularly for the Serbs, the Kosovo Albanians used to be simply ‘our negroes.’ Nowadays, however, they are cast as Serbia’s arch-enemies – a myth ruthlessly exploited by nationalist politicians, … If anyone in Western Europe asks how all this could have happened, I can tell them, for I have watched and listened to this story unfolding in my country.

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Review: “Serbia lost Kosovo deservedly

Milan.MarinkovicBELGRADE / PRISTINA — Considering the actual discussion on Kosovo’s status, the talks in Brussels, Stefanovic’s recent visit and Barroso’s coming visit to Prishtina, it seems useful to remind the supremacy of politics and moral over (pseudo) adminis-trative or juridical arguments: This gives reason to refer again to the Serbian colum-nist and analyst Milan Marinkovic, who already in April published an article titled “Serbia and Kosovo: war of nerves”: “… why does Serbia not respect its southern neighbour – Kosovo?” the author asks. Against the current Serbian mainstream, he complains that “Serbia stubbornly refuses to accept the reality of the situation, as well as its own responsibility …”. And even more clear Marinkovic states, “… from a political or ethical viewpoint, Serbia lost Kosovo deservedly."

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Amnesty International on Kosovo

Kurti3PRISTINA, Kosovo — First to mention: In its recently published Human rights report 2011 Amnesty International  still presents (the Republic of) Kosovo as a part of Serbia. However, as far it concerns Kosovo, the Amnesty report starts with the constitutionally forced resignation of former President Sejdiu, the following parliamentary elections and cases of election fraud. Partially quoting EULEX (the often disputed European Union rule-of-law mission in Kosovo), the report states that the Kosovo "justice system remained weak and is subject to political interference. Judges and witnesses received threats, and protection mechanisms were rarely invoked." This is the main statement.

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Europe Day in Kosovo – no reason to celebrate!

KosovoPRISTINA, Kosovo — The Europe Day in Kosovo was "celebrated" on 9th May. However, smiling faces are to find mainly at those who enjoyed the day off. The image of the EU in Kosovo is worse than ever. In particular the EU Rule-of-Law mission in Kosovo (EULEX) lacks results and faces an increasingly damaged reputation.  Inactivity and ignorance are comm-only used attributes to describe EULEX in the Kosovar public opinion over the past weeks. In contradiction to its own objectives as well as to the proclaimed values of most EU member states, which sponsor this mission with 100 m Euro every year, EULEX is obviously not providing ‘Law and Order’ equally allover Kosovo.

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  • Kosovo, Serbia Condemn Attack on Serb Pilgrims - Balkan Insight 22/10/2018
    Balkan InsightKosovo, Serbia Condemn Attack on Serb PilgrimsBalkan InsightThe stoning of two buses taking Serbs to visit an Orthodox monastery in the villages of Studenica near the eastern Kosovo town of Istog/Istok on Sunday has drawn condemnation in both Kosovo and Serbia. No injuries were reported as a result of the ...Pristina, Belgrade Condemn Attack On […]
  • "Kosovo's Interpol membership - catastrophe for whole world" - B92 23/10/2018
    B92"Kosovo's Interpol membership - catastrophe for whole world"B92"Kosovo's Interpol membership - catastrophe for whole world". Nebojsa Stefanovic says every story about the so-called Kosovo's request to join Interpol represents politicization of this professional police organization. Source: Tanjug Tuesday, 23.10.2018.
  • Kosovo, Interpol, son, drugs, guns, and of course conspiracy - B92 23/10/2018
    B92Kosovo, Interpol, son, drugs, guns, and of course conspiracyB92According to the Pristina daily, this has been stated by an unnamed representative of the authorities who is involved in the proceeding, while a member of the Assembly from the most influential opposition party, the Alliance for Kosovo, Anton Kuni says ...
  • How to help victims of devastating Khayelitsha, Kosovo fire disasters - Independent Online 21/10/2018
    Independent OnlineHow to help victims of devastating Khayelitsha, Kosovo fire disastersIndependent OnlineCape Town - City of Cape Town officials are in the process of issuing kits for people to start rebuilding their homes after this past week's fire in the informal settlement of Silver Town in Khayelitsha, the city said on Sunday. "Following the . […]
  • Kosovo moves to create army as Serbia warns of 'threat to peace' - RTE.ie 19/10/2018
    RTE.ieKosovo moves to create army as Serbia warns of 'threat to peace'RTE.ieKosovo has taken the first steps towards creating its own army, ten years after it declared independence, despite fierce opposition from the ethnic Serb minority and Serbia itself which called the move "a threat to peace". Since the end of the 1998 ...Serbia Calls […]
  • Serbs need UNMIK in Kosovo - PM tells UNMIK head - B92 23/10/2018
    B92Serbs need UNMIK in Kosovo - PM tells UNMIK headB92Serbs need UNMIK in Kosovo - PM tells UNMIK head. Prime Minister Ana Brnabic received on Monday in Belgrade Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General and Head of the UN Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Zahir Tanin. Source: Tanjug Tuesday, 23.10.2018 ...
  • 15 thousand hazardous toys will be destroyed this week in Kosovo - Independent Balkan News Agency (press release) (blog) 23/10/2018
    Independent Balkan News Agency (press release) (blog)15 thousand hazardous toys will be destroyed this week in KosovoIndependent Balkan News Agency (press release) (blog)Meanwhile, Kosovo's market has also been swarmed by smuggled food products. The north of Kosovo is the hub of this activity. This is where food products, medications and other fake prod […]
  • A Kosovo-Serbia land swap is ethnic cleansing by another name. Don't do it - The Guardian 17/10/2018
    The GuardianA Kosovo-Serbia land swap is ethnic cleansing by another name. Don't do itThe GuardianThis time it's because speculation is rife that Kosovo and Serbia may finally end their dispute and normalise their relations. Kosovo's president, Hashim Thaçi, and his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vučić, are said to be close to an agreement th […]
  • Kosovo's PM says that the creation of the army will not jeopardize dialogue with Serbia - Independent Balkan News Agency (press release) (blog) 23/10/2018
    Independent Balkan News Agency (press release) (blog)Kosovo's PM says that the creation of the army will not jeopardize dialogue with SerbiaIndependent Balkan News Agency (press release) (blog)“It's not only Kosovo who will benefit from this process of transformation of FSK, but the entire region too, because the creation of a small multi-ethnic an […]
  • US Official Urges Kosovo and Serbia to Reach Deal - Balkan Insight 19/10/2018
    Balkan InsightUS Official Urges Kosovo and Serbia to Reach DealBalkan InsightThe US' Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Matthew Palmer, called on Friday for Serbia and Kosovo not to miss the “historic opportunity” to reach an agreement to end their decade-long dispute, and urged for them to find a solution that would leave ...Kosovo moves to create na […]

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  • Pristina, Belgrade Condemn Attack On Ethnic Serb Pilgrims In Kosovo 22/10/2018
    Senior officials in Pristina and Belgrade have strongly condemned an attack on buses carrying ethnic Serb pilgrims to a monastery in eastern Kosovo. Reports said unknown assailants threw stones at two buses heading to an Orthodox Christian monastery in the village of Studenica on October 21. No injuries were reported.
  • Diyanet: Erdogan's Islamic Vehicle To The Balkans 21/10/2018
    A billboard at a construction site, with a photo of an Ottoman-style mosque with four minarets and the flag of Turkey, was erected recently in the center of Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. With less than 2 million people, Kosovo, which declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, is the home of over 800 mosques.
  • Serbia 'appreciates Slovakia's stance on Kosovo' 20/10/2018
    Prime Minister Ana Brnabic underlined on Friday that Serbia highly appreciates Slovakia's partnership and support on the country's path to EU membership. During her meeting in Belgrade on Friday with Slovak Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Information Richard Rasi, Brnabic also informed the Slovak minister about "the latest provocatio […]
  • Austria against Kosovo army, Pristina's Interpol membership 20/10/2018
    Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache has spoken out against Kosovo's membership in Interpol, as well as against the formation of an army in Kosovo. Strache pointed this out after his meeting with Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic in Vienna on Friday.

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