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RSS Kosovo News

  • Serbia and Kosovo Make Nice to Win Invitation to the EU - Newsweek 30/08/2015
    NewsweekSerbia and Kosovo Make Nice to Win Invitation to the EUNewsweekThe Serb community in northern Kosovo, long at loggerheads with Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority, will be granted considerable autonomy over judicial and budgetary affairs and will be able to receive financial assistance from Belgrade. The community ...
  • Serbia and Kosovo in cooperation deal - The Guardian 26/08/2015
    The GuardianSerbia and Kosovo in cooperation dealThe GuardianPrime ministers Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia and Isa Mustafa of Kosovo struck a deal in areas including energy and telecommunications, said European Union policy chief Federica Mogherini, who is brokering the talks. “Today's outcome represents landmark ...Belgrade denies "recognizing Kosovo […]
  • Inside Kacanik, Kosovo's jihadist capital - 23/08/2015 Kacanik, Kosovo's jihadist summer, in an act that sent shockwaves across Kosovo, Muhaxheri posted Facebook pictures of himself apparently beheading another man suspected of spying against the Islamic State. Another shows him executing a Syrian man using an RPG.
  • Pristina gives up on formation of Kosovo Armed Forces? - InSerbia News 31/08/2015
    InSerbia NewsPristina gives up on formation of Kosovo Armed Forces?InSerbia NewsPrime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, who has previously expressed his optimism that they will find support in their Serbian partner of the coalition, Serbian List, has now stated that in case of lack of “understanding” for constitutional amendments ...
  • Turkey the first country to open a consulate general in Kosovo - Daily Sabah 31/08/2015
    Turkey the first country to open a consulate general in KosovoDaily SabahWith the consulate general set to be opened in Prizren on Tuesday, Turkey will be the first country to open an additional consular representative in Kosovo. Turkey had previously opened its embassy in the capital Pristina following Kosovo's ...
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Montenegro Sign Border Demarcation Agreements - US Department of State (press release) 28/08/2015
    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Montenegro Sign Border Demarcation AgreementsUS Department of State (press release)The United States congratulates the governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Kosovo, and Montenegro on the signing of landmark agreements demarcating the international borders between BiH and Montenegro and between Kosovo and Montenegro.
  • Haveit: Kosovo's conscience disguised in performance art - Open Democracy 28/08/2015
    Open DemocracyHaveit: Kosovo's conscience disguised in performance artOpen DemocracyOn May 18, 2011, Diana Kastrati, a 27-year old student on her way to university, was shot dead in Prishtina, Kosovo's capital, at about 10 am. The perpetrator was Adnan Jashari, her ex-husband of 10 years. A few days later, four friends from Prishtina ...
  • Consultancy Market in Kosovo - 31/08/2015
    ECIKS.orgConsultancy Market in KosovoECIKS.orgThe Kosovo SME Promotion Programme (KOSME) aims at addressing essential elements of succeeding the consultancy market for SMEs in Kosovo. According to the Capacity Scan of Business Consultants in Kosovo (2013), business consultancy services ...
  • Dacic: Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo to be formed soon - InSerbia News 31/08/2015
    InSerbia NewsDacic: Community of Serb municipalities in Kosovo to be formed soonInSerbia NewsBELGRADE – Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Monday that the community of Serb municipalities (ZSO), which will be the first political government of Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) since 1999, should be ...FM speaks about Com […]
  • Kosovo, Serbia Sign Agreements On Ethnic Rights, Energy And Telecoms - International Business Times 26/08/2015
    International Business TimesKosovo, Serbia Sign Agreements On Ethnic Rights, Energy And TelecomsInternational Business TimesKosovo and Serbia signed a deal to move towards reconciliation ten years after the end of the war between the two sides. In this photo, ex-fighters of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), wearing black uniforms of the former KLA, carry cof […]

RSS Kosovo News Topix

  • Serbia and Kosovo hail 'landmark' agreements 27/08/2015
    Serbia and Kosovo voiced satisfaction Wednesday with an EU-brokered deal that marked a major step forward in normalizing ties between the former foes, and boosted hopes of faster accession to the European Union. "We have gained more than we hoped for," Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told national broadcaster RTS of Tuesday's agreement […]
  • Serbia and Kosovo sign 'landmark' deal 26/08/2015
    Serbia and Kosovo reached agreement Tuesday on key issues for better relations between the two countries, and between Albanian and Serbian people in Kosovo. The deal, brokered in Brussels by EU chief diplomat Federica Mogherini, establishes strong local powers for Kosovo areas with a Serbian majority.
  • Mother Teresa Boulevard 22/08/2015
    I cannot believe that there are only 25 photos of Pristina on TE and another 7 listed under the alternate spelling of 'Prishtina'. Or that Kosovo is not listed as a separate country to Serbia by TE.
  • Kosovo applies to join UNESCO, Serbia says it's not a state 22/08/2015
    Kosovo says it has applied for membership in the United Nations' scientific and cultural organization - a move immediately opposed by Serbia which argues that it's not qualified because it isn't a state. Kosovo's Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci countered at a Security Council meeting Friday that Kosovo is eligible to become a member of the […]
  • Erdogan 'Launders Millions By Building Mosques In Kosovo': Kosovo Press Alleges. 19/08/2015
    ERDOGAN "LAUNDERS MILLIONS BY BUILDING MOSQUES IN KOSOVO": KOSOVO PRESS ALLEGES. The Other News Aug 17 2015 Millions of euros are flowing from Turkey to Kosovo "through illegal routes, bypassing banks," according to the Pristina-based Albanian language daily Zeri.

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RSS Balkan News

  • ‘Skopje 2014’ Revamp Cost Exceeds 600m Euro 31/08/2015
    As the huge government-sponsored revamp of the Macedonian capital dubbed Skopje 2014 continues, BIRN’s ongoing investigation shows that its price tag has surpassed 600 million euro.
  • Serbian Policeman Accuses PM’s Brother of Attack 31/08/2015
    One of eight Serbian police officers charged with involvement in an assault on PM Aleksandar Vucic’s brother last year said that he was actually the real victim of the attack.
  • Hungary Arrests 27 Romanians for Trafficking Refugees 31/08/2015
    Hungarian police have detained 27 Romanian citizens for alleged human trafficking as the country tries to deal with the continued smuggling of refugees across its borders.
  • Serbian Journalists Call for Media Privatisation Probe 31/08/2015
    Journalists’ associations in Serbia urged the authorities to investigate the privatisation of state-owned media after claims that one of the buyers had political motives.
  • Bosnian Serb Soldier Jailed for 18 Years 31/08/2015
    Former Bosnian Serb Army serviceman Oliver Krsmanovic was sentenced to 18 years in prison for crimes against humanity including the killings and forced disappearances of Bosniaks in Visegrad in 1992.
  • Serbia, Bosnia Mark ‘Day of the Disappeared’ 31/08/2015
    Families of people who went missing during the 1990s conflicts and have not been found marked the annual Day of the Disappeared by urging the authorities to do more to find their relatives’ bodies.
  • Two Killed in Albania Mine Collapse 31/08/2015
    Two men who were working illegally in an abandoned chromium mine in northern Albania died after a gallery collapsed, again highlighting the poor regulation of mining in the country.
  • Croatian PM Pledges Help for Refugees 31/08/2015
    Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said his country is ready to help refugees coming to Europe, insisting that people fleeing conflict should given the right to remain in the EU.
  • Macedonia Govt Threatened with New Wiretap Revelations 31/08/2015
    The opposition said that if no special prosecutor is appointed to deal with illegal surveillance claims by September 15, as previously agreed, it will continue releasing compromising tapes of officials.
  • Bosniak Parents Reject School Boycott Compromise 31/08/2015
    Parents planning to boycott schools in protest at the Bosnian Serb government’s renaming of the Bosnian language as ‘Bosniak’ said that a compromise offered by officials was unacceptable.
  • Bosnian Serb Leader Slams Naser Oric Indictment 31/08/2015
    The president of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity Republika Srpska has called the war crimes indictment of former Bosnian Army general Naser Oric “a farce” that will inevitably end in acquittal.
  • Europe to Fund Balkan Transport, Energy Projects 31/08/2015
    Following the Vienna summit, the Western Balkans has been promised 200 million euro in co-financing for 10 transport and energy projects, to improve growth and energy security.
  • Bosnia Serb Opposition Seeks PM's Dismissal 28/08/2015
    The opposition bloc in Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity, Republika Srpska, says it has new proof that the entity premier was involved in a bribery scandal and will seek her dismissal.
  • Spike in Romanians, Bulgarians, Creates Heat in UK 28/08/2015
    Britain’s right-wing government faces political storm over the sharp rising in immigration from the EU and the Balkans.
  • Macedonians Haggle Over New Special Prosecutor 28/08/2015
    Having failed to agree on a candidate so far, parties in Macedonia are to resume talks at the weekend on the appointment of new special prosecutor to deal with the illegal surveillance claims.
  • Vienna Summit Binds Balkan States to Broad Reforms 28/08/2015
    Summit declaration obliges Balkan countries not to misuse the EU accession process against each other, calls for civil society to play a greater role - and welcomes EU pledge to help resolving outstanding bilateral disputes.
  • World Bank Analysis to Guide Serbian Layoffs 28/08/2015
    A forthcoming World Bank analysis of Serbia's public sector is likely to provide a basis for the government to determine further public-sector job cuts.
  • Bosnia and Croatia Risk Trade War Over Milk Ban 28/08/2015
    After months of preparations to start dairy exports to the EU, Bosnian milk producers have run up against an unexplained ban from Croatia.

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