Kosovo Police to fight crimes in Serb populated northern Kosovo

KP1PRISTINA, Kosovo — Reportedly the Kosovo Police Forces are expected to intervene in the predominantly Serb populated  northern Kosovo in the third week of May. As to Kosovo media, the director general of the Kosovo Police, Reshat Maliqi, stated that foreseen activities are based on an operational plan with the aim to hit criminal networks. According to Maliqi, the Kosovo Police launched several changes in its chain of command in order to implement according activities. This process is said to be finished in a few days: "… after Thursday, there will be something" Maliqi said. 

As to Kosovo media, Kosovo Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo approached EULEX with the request to cooperate on targeting several key points of crime in the north. Despite this EULEX spokesman James Nickolls was quoted as saying that "currently there is nothing new that is likely to happen for any joint action between EULEX and the Kosovo Police or action plan for the north".

Nevertheless EULEX Head Xavier de Marnhac in the meantime announced to establish a task force of EULEX police, justice and customs officers with special focus on fighting organized crime in northern Kosovo.

In the past the European Union rule-of-law mission in Kosovo – EULEX -faced repeated complaints regarding its inactivity in providing law and order equally particularly in the northern Kosovo municipalities. Recently Kosovo parliament members even expressed their believe, EULEX would cooperate with Serbian parallel structures. KON / NK

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  • Serbia and Kosovo hail 'landmark' agreements 27/08/2015
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  • Serbia and Kosovo sign 'landmark' deal 26/08/2015
    Serbia and Kosovo reached agreement Tuesday on key issues for better relations between the two countries, and between Albanian and Serbian people in Kosovo. The deal, brokered in Brussels by EU chief diplomat Federica Mogherini, establishes strong local powers for Kosovo areas with a Serbian majority.
  • Kosovo PM defends son for being paid to fix government car 25/08/2015
    Kosovo's prime minister has taken to Facebook to defend paying a company owned by his son to fix one of his official cars, sparking complaints of nepotism in a country rife with corruption. Kosovo's Prime Minister Isa Mustafa attends news conference at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, June 30, 2015.
  • Mother Teresa Boulevard 22/08/2015
    I cannot believe that there are only 25 photos of Pristina on TE and another 7 listed under the alternate spelling of 'Prishtina'. Or that Kosovo is not listed as a separate country to Serbia by TE.
  • Kosovo applies to join UNESCO, Serbia says it's not a state 22/08/2015
    Kosovo says it has applied for membership in the United Nations' scientific and cultural organization - a move immediately opposed by Serbia which argues that it's not qualified because it isn't a state. Kosovo's Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci countered at a Security Council meeting Friday that Kosovo is eligible to become a member of the […]

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  • Romanians Argue Over Taking in Migrants 02/09/2015
    After the President's office said Romania will take in some 1,700 migrants over the coming months, the Prime Minister promptly said no such decision had been made.
  • Kosovo Seeks War Dead in Prizren Cemetery 02/09/2015
    The EU rule-of-law mission and Kosovo’s forensics department have exhumed remains from a Muslim cemetery in Prizren - the latest discovery of a suspected victim of the 1990s war.
  • Serbia Goes Ahead With Military Drill With Russia 02/09/2015
    Serbian troops began joint exercises with Russian counterparts on Wednesday in southern Russia, in spite of earlier EU expressions of disapproval.
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    A festival for alternative and leftist intellectuals, held in the Croatian seaside town of Sibenik, is putting the stress on antifascism and rising nationalism in the region this year.
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    The municipality chief in the village of Velika Drenova said he received a death threat after opposing the naming of a local school after Serbian nationalist writer and politician Dobrica Cosic.
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    The refusal of independent auditors to give a verdict on the accuracy of the financial statements of the electricity distributor has shed light on the poor state of bookkeeping in Albania's state-run companies.
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    In a shock ruling, the Skopje Criminal Court has ruled that compromising tapes of officials' conversations provided by the opposition cannot be used as evidence in court.
  • Romania Detains Former Officials For Bribery 02/09/2015
    A prosecutor of organised crime and a former head of the tax office have been detained on suspicion that they took bribes to pervert the course of justice.
  • Serbia Will Take in Some Migrants, Vucic Says 02/09/2015
    Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says Serbia is ready to take in a number of migrants fleeing war and persecution, as experts warn that the country needs to increase its capacities.
  • IMF Commends Pace of Reforms in Serbia 01/09/2015
    IMF representatives on Tuesday said they were satisfied with the economic reforms in Serbia - as a government decision on whether to raise wages and pensions was postponed.
  • Serbia, Albania Back Balkan Youth Cooperation Plan 01/09/2015
    Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic and his Albanian counterpart Edi Rama pledged to work together to establish a cross-Balkans youth cooperation office aimed at improving strained relations between countries in the region.
  • Albania PM Declares 'War' on Fiscal Evasion 01/09/2015
    Under pressure from the IMF over falling fiscal revenues, Prime Minister Rama has pledged to engage 600 teams to fight the widespread evasion of the use of receipts for goods - although many see the threat as empty.
  • Three Bosniak Soldiers Convicted of Trusina Massacre 01/09/2015
    The state court in Sarajevo convicted three former Bosnian Army soldiers of the killings of Croat civilians and soldiers in 1993 and sentenced them to a total of 37 years in prison.
  • New Bankruptcy Law Takes Effect in Croatia 01/09/2015
    Under a new law, designed to streamline procedures, all companies whose assets have been frozen for more than 120 days will now be declared bankrupt.
  • Romania Doing Badly on Recycling 'E-Waste' 01/09/2015
    Romania has been ranked at the bottom of a European table in terms of properly recycling its dangerous electrical and electronic waste.
  • Serbia Urged to Solve New Attack on Journalist 01/09/2015
    The Association of Journalists, the Anti-corruption Council and the 'Enough is enough' movement have demanded that those who recently attacked the investigative journalist Ivan Ninic be brought to justice.
  • Macedonia Opposition MPs Return to Parliament 01/09/2015
    Macedonia's opposition MPs returned to parliament on Tuesday after a 15-month boycott as part of the internationally brokered June 2 crisis deal.
  • ‘Skopje 2014’ Revamp Cost Exceeds 600m Euro 31/08/2015
    As the huge government-sponsored revamp of the Macedonian capital dubbed Skopje 2014 continues, BIRN’s ongoing investigation shows that its price tag has surpassed 600 million euro.

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