Kosovo-Serbia dialogue will continue

Parliament PRISTINA, Kosovo — The EU backed negotiations of the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia in Brussels will continue. This was decided by a majority of members of the parliament of Kosovo. The talks are said to concern only technical issues of both countries. Mentioned topics are car plates, civil registry books, customs, energy and further more. The Kosovar oppositional Movement for Self-Determination (Vetevendosje) tried to stop the talks with an parliamentarian intervention, but only reached the support of 21 MPs. The nationalist movement of MP Albiun Kurti in general opposes negotiations with Serbia since years.

In this particular case  Kurti complained, the talks would only support Serbia’s EU candidate status, whereas no improvement will be achieved for Kosovo. 

Meanwhile the head of the Serbian negotiation team, Stefanovic, caused doubts concerning the seriousness of Serbias negotiation approach: Reportedly Stefanovic intends to visit Prishtina before the next meeting in Brussels. At the same time Stefanovic insisted – against Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Kuci – for this not to need an invitation from the Kosovar government as to the non-recognition of Kosovo by Serbia.


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  • EU Kosovo mission accused of trying to silence whistleblower - The Guardian 03/08/2015
    The GuardianEU Kosovo mission accused of trying to silence whistleblowerThe GuardianEulex, the foreign mission in Kosovo, is being taken to an employment tribunal by the London-based lawyer Maria Bamieh. She claims she was forced from her job as a prosecutor after exposing evidence of bribery among senior staff. But now Bamieh and her ...and more »
  • Under Western pressure, Kosovo to put war crimes court to new vote - Reuters 31/07/2015
    Balkan InsightUnder Western pressure, Kosovo to put war crimes court to new voteReutersThe young Balkan state's parliament last month voted against creating the court, which many Kosovo Albanians see as an attempt to tarnish their 1998-99 guerrilla war against Serbia's repressive rule. The now-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA ...Kosovo Sets Da […]
  • Kosovo: Serb MPs ready to back establishment of court - InSerbia News 03/08/2015
    InSerbia NewsKosovo: Serb MPs ready to back establishment of courtInSerbia NewsPRILUZJE – Branimir Stojanovic, the deputy prime minister of the Kosovo government, stated that Serb MPs in Kosovo are ready to vote for the adoption of amendments that should create conditions for the establishment of a special court for war crimes of ...Former KLA members throw […]
  • North Carolina National Guard adjutant general visits troops in Kosovo - DVIDS (press release) 03/08/2015
    North Carolina National Guard adjutant general visits troops in KosovoDVIDS (press release)Maj. Michael Ariano, the Multinational Battle Group-East liaison officer to the Kosovo Force Headquarters, and Turkish Capt. Selcuk Asla, a KFOR intelligence officer, give a presentation of the Battle of Kosovo battlefield and monument to Maj. Gen ...
  • Kosovo: Draft resolution on genocide submitted to assembly - B92 31/07/2015
    B92Kosovo: Draft resolution on genocide submitted to assemblyB92It has been stressed that fulfilling this obligation would "contribute to shedding light on the accusations, and will be of exceptional importance for Kosovo's Euro-Atlantic integrations, and further strengthening of the strategic partnership with the ...
  • FM: Admitting Kosovo to UNESCO would be "harmful move" - B92 01/08/2015
    B92FM: Admitting Kosovo to UNESCO would be "harmful move"B92He has to say something, would like to know why they have not abolished all institutions in Kosovo which they signed as far as i know in agreement there are no important or non important parts if they are there then there is importance ( Kosovo ...and more »
  • Kosovo needs to show no one is above the law - Politico 30/07/2015
    PoliticoKosovo needs to show no one is above the lawPoliticoThe diplomats want Kosovars to know that Brussels is quietly placing on hold further consideration of lifting EU visa restrictions on Kosovo's citizens as well as the conclusion of an EU Stabilization and Association Agreement with Kosovo and that the ...
    THE ICJ'S RULING ON KOSOVO INDEPENDENCE AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE TO THE EELAMISTS ...LankawebThen—and this is where the Kosovo ruling comes into play—the Eelamists will move for the coup de grace: the TNA, or whatever entity formally signed the agreement with the Government, will reconfigure itself into some other organization, claim that ...and more » […]
  • Kosovo's Constitutional Court Ex-Chief Charged with Fraud - Balkan Insight 31/07/2015
    Balkan InsightKosovo's Constitutional Court Ex-Chief Charged with FraudBalkan InsightHasani is thought to be close to and influential within Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci's Democratic Party of Kosovo. Local media have been speculating in recent weeks about what position he will be given next after two mandates as head of the ...
  • Tasovac: Serbia against Kosovo's admission to UNESCO - InSerbia News 02/08/2015
    InSerbia NewsTasovac: Serbia against Kosovo's admission to UNESCOInSerbia NewsMILAN – The Serbian Ministry of Culture and Government are adamantly against the admission of Kosovo to UNESCO, as they believe that such a move would deliver a severe blow to the reconciliation process and cultural heritage, Culture Minister Ivan ...

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  • Republic of Kosovo: Request for Stand-By Arrangementa " Staff Report 31/07/2015
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Key issues: Kosovo faces the dual challenge of maintaining fiscal credibility and debt sustainability while shifting its growth model from one driven by remittances and consumption to one driven by investment and the tradable sector. This requires fiscal consolidation over the next two years that deflates unproductive current spending while […]
  • Under Western pressure, Kosovo to put war crimes court to new vote 31/07/2015
    Kosovo's government asked parliament on Friday to reconsider its rejection of an ad hoc court to try ethnic Albanian former guerrillas for alleged war crimes including organ harvesting, responding to intense Western pressure. The young Balkan state's parliament last month voted against creating the court, which many Kosovo Albanians see as an attem […]
  • University of Leicester to celebrate achievements of leaders and... 13/07/2015
    The University of Leicester will celebrate the achievements of leaders and pioneers in their fields by conferring them with honorary degrees at ceremonies this week . Recipients who have associations with the University of Leicester include former heads of state and scientists developing cutting-edge technologies that revolutionise our lives.
  • Alleged ISIS Plot To Poison Reservoir Uncovered 13/07/2015
    Kosovan capital Pristina was left without water over the weekend as authorities reacted to Islamic State threats to poison the reservoir that provides drinking water to 100,000 people. Water authorities cited "security issues" when they turned off water to the capital city on Saturday after five were arrested at or near the reservoir after Islamic […]
  • Speeches: Interview With Radio Television Kosova 13/07/2015
    Question : Ms. Nuland, what would the United States' reaction be if Kosovo creates the Special Court, and on the other side, what if Kosovo fails to approve the creation of the Special Court? Assistant Secretary Nuland : Well, Burim, I think you and your viewers know that the United States has strongly supported the Special Court.

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  • Serbia’s Brass Band Festival Kicks off in Guca 03/08/2015
    The Guca Brass Band Festival, Serbia's wildest traditional music event, is expecting 500,000 visitors to be attracted this year by its combination of blaring trumpets, grilled meat and local brandy.
  • IMF Mulls Suspending Agreement with Albania 03/08/2015
    IMF representative Jens Reinke said Albanian state budget revenues are well below target and suggested further tax hikes, while the government promised a crackdown on tax evasion.
  • Montenegrin Gay Activists to March in Niksic 03/08/2015
    Activists said they will stage the first Pride parade in the town of Niksic in September, after police banned two previously planned marches over concerns that there could be violent clashes.
  • Serbia to Tighten Anti-Corruption Regulation 03/08/2015
    The Serbian government has announced a new law on establishing the origins of people's property in order to tackle graft, but anti-corruption campaigners said it might not provide spectacular results.
  • Summer Halts Work on Macedonia Crisis Deal 03/08/2015
    After a week of intensive daily meetings, the cross-party group tasked with implementing the deal to resolve the country's political crisis is going on a two-week summer vacation.
  • Kosovo’s Constitutional Court Ex-Chief Charged with Fraud 31/07/2015
    The former head of the constitutional court of Kosovo, Enver Hasani, was charged with falsifying documents for financial gain while he was rector of the University of Pristina.
  • Bosnia's Federation to Vote on Labour Law Reform 31/07/2015
    Despite protests by some trade unions, Bosnia’s Federation parliament is to vote on a new labour law that is key to reopening the country's path to the EU and getting a loan from the IMF.
  • ‘Operation Storm’ War Crimes Site Launched in Croatia 31/07/2015
    Croatian NGOs launched an interactive site showing the findings of the UN war crimes court in The Hague about the Croatian military’s 1995 ‘Operation Storm’ ahead of its 20th anniversary next week.
  • Serbia Warned Against Abandoning Austerity 31/07/2015
    Although Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced increased public sector pensions and salaries by the end of the year, the Serbian Fiscal Council warned it is too early to abandon austerity measures.
  • Kosovo Sets Date for War Crimes Court Vote 31/07/2015
    Parliament will hold a repeat vote on Monday on whether to set up a new war crimes court to try former Kosovo Liberation Army fighters, with the government apparently confident it will pass this time.
  • Serbian Lottery Director Quits After Fraud Claims 31/07/2015
    Aleksandar Vulovic, the director of the State Lottery, resigned after suspicions about potential fraud during a televised draw that caused a scandal in Serbia this week.
  • Croatian Ex-PM's Retrial Set for September 31/07/2015
    A preparatory hearing in the corruption retrial of former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader has been set for September 7 after his conviction was revoked by the constitutional court.
  • Serbia’s Plan for Refugees ‘Likely to Fail’ 31/07/2015
    The new Serbian national strategy on refugees and displaced people will not help them resolve their problems, a refugee association warned.
  • Serbia Taken to Euro Court Over Roma Evictions 30/07/2015
    The European Court of Human Rights is hearing a case against Serbia brought by campaigners seeking to stop forced evictions of Roma families who fled the Kosovo war in 1999.
  • Germany to Curb Mass Migration from Albania 30/07/2015
    Berlin and Tirana organised the repatriation of about 70 asylum-seekers and German police have been stationed at Albanian border posts in a bid to stop the flow of migrants.
  • Kosovo Govt Prepares New War Crimes Court Vote 30/07/2015
    The government will call another vote on setting up a special war crimes court to try former Kosovo Liberation Army guerrillas, indicating it now has enough support to get it approved.
  • Montenegro Urged to Respect Kosovo’s Yugoslav-Era Border 30/07/2015
    Kosovo MP Ramush Haradinaj said that the country has to insist on its Yugoslav-era border in demarcation negotiations with Montenegro, which has been accused of claiming more land.
  • Belgrade Plans 'Free Economic Zone' for Investors 30/07/2015
    The City Assembly decided to establish a 'free economic zone' which the local authorities hope will bring in foreign investors and boost the Serbian capital's economy.

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