Kosovo Population Rejects EULEX Special Police Commander

KurtiPRISTINA, Kosovo — Reportedly the EU Kosovo Law-and-Order Mission EULEX hired the Romanian Marian Petre as the head of the EULEX’ Special Police Department. As to Romanian sources, Colonel Petre "was trained within the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Gendarmerie and he successfully passed through all the stages of his professional carrier.” Apart from an individual judgment regarding the respective officer, the appointment caused expressions of  rejection within parts of the Kosovar public opinion. …

Statements from different political parties and NGOs particularly focused on accusations concerning the involvement of Romanian UNMIK police officers in the killing of two spectators at a peaceful demonstration of the "Movement for Self-determination" (Vetevendosje) in February 2007.

The respective Romanian police officers at that time were said to have shot at protestors by using prohibited versions of gum bullets, containing a special iron core. In addition to the two killings more than 80 persons got injured. The accused officers were brought out of the country. Results of (deeper going) investigations were never made public.

Moreover, according to Kosovar newspapers, EULEX police officers from Romania were allegedly involved in smuggling of people  and caught ‘in flagranti’ by Macedonian customs officers at the border to Kosovo, trying to  illegally transport cigarettes and alcohol in an official EULEX bus. Due to all this Romanian police officers seemingly "do not have a good reputation among the Kosovo Albanians":  

The representative of the ‘Council for Defense of Human Rights and Freedom’, Behxhet Shala, was quoted as saying that “the appointment of this person from Romania can be considered as a provocation.”  The political organization "Vetevendosje" stated, "the appointment of a representative of the Romanian police forces … represents a serious insult to the people of Kosovo". Subsequently "Vetevendosje" head Albin Kurti approached Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, with the request to withdraw this decision.

Further rejection refers to the state of Romania, which – in regard of  the mentioned cases – remained inactive in terms of prosecution. Finally Selim Krasniqi, Senior Political Advisor to the Kosovar Ministry for the Security Forces, stated that "appointments of senior officials in EULEX should’t come from countries that have not recognized Kosovo’s independence, as to suspicion because of their objectivity."

According to Kosovar press and broadcasting media, EULEX representatives were not ready to comment the issue. 

For more news about Kosovo go to KON / NEWS KOSOVO

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