Kosovo Visa Liberalization – still unsolved?

Khaldoun.SinnoPRISTINA, Kosovo — Khaldoun Sinno, head of the European Commission Liaison Office in Prishtina, requests further efforts to achieve visa liberalization for Kosovo: “Since 2009, when we proposed a dialogue for visa liberalization for Kosovo, we have been focused on two main issues: repatriation and reintegration of returnees” … “Some progress has been made in terms of repatriation – some agreements have been reached … but there should be done more in terms of reintegration. … our mission realized that not much has been done in this regard at the local level.”

Sinno also reminded negative experiences concerning the beforehand established visa liberalization in further Balkan countries, resulting subsequently in reluctance regarding this process for Kosovo at some EU states.

Referring to the Marty report on alleged organ trafficking in Kosovo Sinno denies an at least direct impact on the visa liberalization process said: “I don’t think that this report has affected relations between Kosovo and the international community. But it is true that the reports, such as the Marty one, have damaged Kosovo’s image. The best that Kosovo can do is to … improve the image that has been created.” – For more see Koha, NOA, SETimes,



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RSS Kosovo News

  • ISIS recruitment in Kosovo - Middle East Monitor 02/03/2015
    Middle East MonitorISIS recruitment in KosovoMiddle East MonitorKosovo is the youngest republic in Europe, proclaiming itself to be independent of Serbia in 2008. Today it seems to have become fertile recruiting ground for ISIS. During 2014, dozens of people were arrested for suspected terrorist activity and more ...
  • France's recognition of Kosovo was "historic mistake" - MEP - B92 02/03/2015
    B92France's recognition of Kosovo was "historic mistake" - MEPB92"Unfortunately, everything seems to be a continuation of what was taking place in 1999, at the time of the illegal NATO war against Serbia, whose aim was to support the separatism of the Albanians in Kosovo, who have become a majority in this territory ...Lunacek: Recognitio […]
  • Another US 'Success Story': The Creation and Abandonment of Kosovo - Antiwar.com 28/02/2015
    Another US 'Success Story': The Creation and Abandonment of KosovoAntiwar.comOnce this dependence was established, as it was in Kosovo, Bulgaria, Poland (which did not need much coaxing) and the Baltic Republics, the U.S. could, as Rumsfeld famously let slip in 2003, play the new Europe off against the old Europe and, in this ...
  • Exodus from Kosovo: Why thousands have left the Balkans - Telegraph.co.uk 21/02/2015
    Telegraph.co.ukExodus from Kosovo: Why thousands have left the BalkansTelegraph.co.ukThe youngest country in Europe, Kosovo gained independence in 2008, following Tony Blair and Bill Clinton's decision to bomb Serbia into retreat in 1999. It is also the poorest, with annual GDP per capita at £2,500. Work is non-existent in many areas ...Austria tells Ko […]
  • Kosovo authorities prepare files to create Special Court - InSerbia News 02/03/2015
    InSerbia NewsKosovo authorities prepare files to create Special CourtInSerbia NewsThis court will work on crimes committed by the ethnic Albanian former paramilitary organisation called the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and claims made in a report by Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty concerning killings and organ trafficking ...
  • Official reacts to claim Serbia "must recognize Kosovo" - B92 02/03/2015
    B92Official reacts to claim Serbia "must recognize Kosovo"B92This is true because of the fact "the EU does not have a political consensus on the issue because five EU member countries do not recognise the so-called Republic of Kosovo and all relevant EU decisions are adopted and will be adopted through consensus ...
  • Kosovo 'to wipe citizens' debts' in bid to stop exodus to EU - Telegraph.co.uk 06/02/2015
    Telegraph.co.ukKosovo 'to wipe citizens' debts' in bid to stop exodus to EUTelegraph.co.ukThe government, which has been in office for just two months, chose 2008 as that was the year when Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. In total, Mr Hoti said, the government could write off about £152 million owed in taxes and unpaid utility ...Koso […]
  • World Bank Supports Kosovo in Extending Internet in Rural Areas - World Bank Group 26/02/2015
    World Bank Supports Kosovo in Extending Internet in Rural AreasWorld Bank GroupPRISHTINA, February 26, 2015 – Unleashing development opportunities in rural Kosovo requires access to communication infrastructure and information. In this vein, the World Bank and the Ministry of Economic Development of Kosovo have officially ...
  • Kosovo-EU migration turns into political point scoring in Serbia - Deutsche Welle 23/02/2015
    Deutsche WelleKosovo-EU migration turns into political point scoring in SerbiaDeutsche WelleThey have a long bus ride out of Kosovo's capital, Pristina, behind them. Now, they want to get to Subotica, a Serbian city in the far north, just kilometers from the Hungarian border. Beyond that begins the Schengen Area, where there are no more ...Kosovo: Forme […]
  • Wave of Kosovan migration sparks unease in European capitals - Financial Times 25/02/2015
    InSerbia NewsWave of Kosovan migration sparks unease in European capitalsFinancial TimesHe is one of tens of thousands who have left Kosovo in recent months, prompting fears in some European capitals that a mass exodus of migrants from one of the continent's poorest countries could strain public services in destination countries and ...AI: Serbs in Koso […]

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  • Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo Economy: New country economic figures released 27/02/2015
    Although the budget shortfall will remain elevated in 2014 as the government makes one-off payments to smooth the planned restructuring and privatisation of state-owned enterprises, Serbias medium-to-long-term fiscal sustainability prospects are brighter. As such, we forecast the budget deficit to narrow from 7.3% of GDP in 2014 to 2.7% by 2018.
  • ISIL got started through funding from our friends and allies: U.S. general 22/02/2015
    A retired U.S. general has acknowledged that Washington's allies created the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant terrorist group to confront the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah. Retired general Wesley Clark, who was the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000, made the revelation in a recent interview with the CNN.
  • Austria tells Kosovars not to waste time seeking asylum 20/02/2015
    Austria published a full-page appeal in Kosovo's biggest daily newspaper on Friday telling Kosovars they were wasting their time and money trying to win asylum in the EU, responding to a sudden surge in migration from the impoverished Balkan state. Seven years since declaring independence from Serbia, Kosovo is seeing a dramatic rise in the number of it […]
  • Hashim Thaci: Even Serbia Will Recognize Kosovo in Not So Distant Future 18/02/2015
    The recognition of Kosovo is a one-way street, and demands of the EU will force Serbia into taking the step, Hashim Thaci , once Kosovo 's first Prime Minister and now Deputy PM and Minister of Foreign Affairs, has told Novinite. Thaci's interview with Novinite comes on the occasion of Kosovo 's independence day marked February 17, the date wh […]
  • Kosovo's joy now despair on anniversary of independence 17/02/2015
    Festivities marking the 7th anniversary of Kosovo's Independence from ... . A street vendor displays Kosovo and Albanian flags along with other paraphernalia for sale in the Kosovo capital of Pristina on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015.
  • Kosovo's joy now despair on anniversary of independence 17/02/2015
    Jubilant throngs gathered around gigantic letters spelling "NEWBORN," when Kosovo declared independence from Serbia seven years ago. Today, there's a new national symbol: The bus stop where hundreds of people gather every day to flee a country they've given up on.
  • Kosovo's joy now despair on anniversary of independence 17/02/2015
    Kosovo Albanian children carry balloons bearing the Kosovo flag as they walk through the Mother Teresa square in the Kosovo capital of Pristina on Monday, Feb. 16, 2015. Festivities marking the 7th anniversary of Kosovo's Independence from Serbia have been kept low-key amid growing social discontent, in Europe's youngest, poorest and most isolated […]
  • Poverty spurs mass migration from Kosovo 16/02/2015
    Migration from Western Balkans towards the EU is not new. The size of the exodus from Kosovo surprised many in early February, when the media began reporting that a large number of Kosovar Albanians were trying to enter Hungary via Serbia.
  • Thousands flee economic despair in Kosovo for EU countries, welcome or not 15/02/2015
    Sixteen years after the war in Kosovo sent hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming across the border, another exodus is underway here. Instead of fleeing conflict, Kosovars are now seeking to escape unemployment, and despair.
  • The journey out of Kosovo 14/02/2015
    Thousands of Kosovo residents leave the poor Balkan country for the European Union, crossing the border between Serbia and Hungary. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.
  • New focus on EU talks as Serbia lawyers strike ends 12/02/2015
    EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic speak at a November press conference in Belgrade. [AFP] Serbia's judicial system is functioning again for the first time in four months.
  • Kosovo Albanians flee misery for EU promised land 12/02/2015
    The town of Palic in northern Serbia is grappling with an exodus of impoverished Kosovo Albanians who are using the small summer resort as a transit point for a better life in the EU. In recent weeks, hotels and villas scattered around the lakeside town have been packed with ethnic Albanians who must cross through Serbia to reach Hungary, a member of the 28- […]
  • Belgrade-Pristina dialogue resumes 12/02/2015
    After a ten month pause, Serbia and Kosovo resumed their dialogue on the normalization of relations, in Brussels on 9 February, yielding the first result: the two sides initialized an agreement on the judiciary. This should solve the issue of the judiciary's functioning in Serb-populated areas.
  • Court: Islamic group was terror organization 11/02/2015
    Kosovo Police officers escort a handcuffed suspected terrorist Bekim Mulolli at the Palace of Justice in capital Pristina on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015. Four ethnic Albanian Muslims pleaded not guilty to charges made by an international prosecutor that they belonged to a terrorist group plotting attacks and were linked to Islamic State militants.
  • Protests push Kosovo to 'thin red line' 09/02/2015
    Recent protests in Pristina shook Kosovo's capital and forced the sacking of a government minister. Soon their effects may also be felt as far away as Brussels as talks to normalize Kosovar-Serbian relations resume.
  • Albania on EU path 07/02/2015
    At 37, Ditmir Bushati is one of the youngest men in high places across Europe, but his words are measured in a delicately diplomatic wrap, knowing full well the size of his country, its influence and future prospects. He is seeking to open up the energy corridors and also pushing for a more practical recognition of Kosovo, mainly in the economic sphere.
  • Kosovo: UN envoy calls on parties to engage in dialogue, make 'hard choices' for regional stability 07/02/2015
    Citing recent violent protests, the United Nations Secretary-General's Special Representative for Kosovo told the Security Council on Friday that leaders must engage seriously in ongoing dialogue and make the hard choices required for regional stability. "From its inception, the European Union-facilitated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina has […]

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  • Kosovo Albanian attacks cameraman in Brussels 02/03/2015
    BRUSSELS -- A cameraman with the Tanjug news was assaulted on Monday as he was covering a demonstration staged in Brussels by a group of Kosovo Albanians.
  • Hundreds of Albanians detained at Serbia-Hungary border 02/03/2015
    BELGRADE -- 290 persons, mostly Albanians from Kosovo, have been arrested in the past 48 hours as they were attempting to illegally cross from Serbia to Hungary.
  • "Number of illegal migrants considerably lower" 02/03/2015
    BELGRADE -- The number of Albanians from Kosovo illegally crossing from Serbia to Hungary "reduced drastically to fewer than five in the last 24 hours."
  • Kosovo's joy now despair on anniversary of independence - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports 17/02/2015
    PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) - Jubilant throngs gathered around gigantic letters spelling "NEWBORN," when Kosovo declared independence from Serbia seven years ago. Today, there's a new national symbol: The bus stop where hundreds of people gather every day to flee a country they've given up on.
  • Austria tells Kosovars not to waste time seeking asylum 20/02/2015
    By Fatos Bytyci PRISTINA (Reuters) - Austria published a full-page appeal in Kosovo's biggest daily newspaper on Friday telling Kosovars they were wasting their time and money trying to win asylum in the EU, responding to a sudden surge in migration from the impoverished Balkan state. Seven years since declaring independence from Serbia, Kosovo is seein […]
  • Europe News Digest 17/02/2015
  • Kosovo considering pre-2009 debt write-off to tackle unrest 05/02/2015
    By Fatos Bytyci PRISTINA (Reuters) - Kosovo may write off a range of debts racked up by citizens before 2009, the government said on Thursday in a move to tackle widespread dissatisfaction fuelling unrest and a new wave of emigration to western Europe. Just two months in office, the government has been rocked by some of the worst civil unrest since Kosovo de […]
  • Kosovo fires ethnic Serb minister to avert more violence 03/02/2015
    By Fatos Bytyci PRISTINA (Reuters) - An ethnic Serb minister in Kosovo's government was fired on Tuesday to try to avert more violent protests over a remark he made last month that offended the Balkan country's ethnic Albanian majority. Aleksandar Jablanovic, minister for communities, had branded as "savages" a group of Kosovo Albanians p […]
  • Thaçi: 'Rumours caused the exodus of Kosovars' 18/02/2015
    Rumours circulated that Germany was issuing work permits, and this created confusion, Kosovo Foreign Minister Hashim Thaçi told EurActiv Germany, referring to the recent exodus of 30,000 Kosovars to EU countries.
  • LATEST NEWS 27/02/2015
    FILE - In this Oct. 24, 2011 file photo, Keith Olbermann leaves a taping of the "Late Show with David Letterman," in New York. Olbermann was taken off his ESPN show for the rest of the week after making insulting comments about Penn State students on Twitter Monday, Feb. 23, 2015.

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RSS Balkan News

  • US to Deport 150 Bosnians Over War Crimes 02/03/2015
    Immigration officials in the United States are planning to deport over 150 Bosnians who they suspect of participating in war crimes during the 1990s conflict, media reports said.
  • Albanian Public Debt Reaches New Heights 02/03/2015
    Government-held debt increased by 622 million euro in 2014, while debt as a percentage of GDP reached 69.1 per cent, the highest figure in more than 15 years.
  • Disputes Simmer Over Bosnian Independence Day 02/03/2015
    The 23rd anniversary of the referendum on Bosnia’s independence from the former Yugoslavia again highlighted the ethnic and political divisions that still run deep in the country.
  • Collapse of Bosnia’s Ruling Coalition Deepens Crisis 02/03/2015
    Talks about the formation of the new government in the Bosniak-Croat Federation hit a dead-end, threatening a previous agreement on the distribution of seats in the state administration.
  • Romania to Appoint New Spy Chief 02/03/2015
    Eduard Hellvig, a member of the European Parliament, looks set to become the new director of Romania’s main intelligence service.
  • Macedonia PM Denies Planning Violence Against Opposition 02/03/2015
    Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski denied that his ruling party is getting ready for possible violence against the opposition, which is demanding the government’s resignation over a mass eavesdropping scandal.
  • Sarajevo Plans New Wartime Siege Museum 02/03/2015
    A park in the city centre has been set aside for the construction of a multimedia museum dedicated to the city’s siege by Bosnian Serb forces between 1992 and 1995.
  • Albania MP Backs Farmers Selling Pot Abroad 28/02/2015
    Koço Kokedhima, an MP for the ruling Socialist Party, says Albanians could earn 'billions' if farmers were allowed to sell the country's 'high quality' marijuana abroad.
  • Gruevski Had Opponent’s Building Flattened, Opposition 27/02/2015
    Macedonian opposition leader Zoran Zaev on Friday revealed a fifth batch of tapped conversations, in which the PM discusses razing a rival’s building to the ground and building a park on it.
  • Kosovo Minister's Swipe at 'Privileged' Minorities Slated 27/02/2015
    NGOs representing minorities in Kosovo have called for the dismissal of a minister who compained that the 'privileged' position of minorities made it hard to change the constitution.
  • Montenegro Police Chided Over Organized Crime Wave 27/02/2015
    Montenegro's parliament urged the police to do more to tackle crime gangs a day after a European Commission official said more progress needed to be seen in the drive against orgnized crime.
  • Tamnava Mine Deadline Broken Without Explanation 27/02/2015
    While the draining of the Tamnava mine is running months late, EPS says the consortium has fulfilled its contract and will not be charged penalties.    
  • Chetnik Leader’s Rehabilitation Case Reopens in Belgrade 27/02/2015
    Rehabilitation hearings for Chetnik leader Dragoljub Mihailovic, who was convicted of high treason and Nazi collaboration in 1946, have reopened in a Belgrade court.
  • Serbia Promises Imminent Strpci Abduction Indictments 27/02/2015
    Twenty-two years after Serb fighters seized 20 passengers from a train in Bosnia and killed them, the Serbian war crimes prosecution said that indictments will be issued in the coming days.
  • Fugitive Bosnian Serb General’s Case in Limbo 27/02/2015
    Former Bosnian Serb general Novak Djukic fled to Serbia last year after being convicted of wartime crimes in Tuzla, but there is no indication when or if Belgrade will jail him.
  • FEST to Champion Serbian Movies 27/02/2015
    The country’s most popular film festival, FEST, will put more emphasis on domestic productions this year as well as showing the best new movies from around the world.
  • Croatia's New President Faces Questions on Bosnia Visit 27/02/2015
    After selecting neighbouring Bosnia for her first official visit as the new President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic will face questions over her sometimes controversial views on the country's internal arrangments.
  • Uber Arrives to Mixed Fanfare in Romania 27/02/2015
    The US mobile-app-based transportation network Uber has launched its first ridesharing service in Romania - but while many potential users are delighted, taxi drivers are less happy.



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