Serbia wants Division of Kosovo

Borko.StefanovicPRISTINA, Kosovo — As anticipated by the Serbian political analyst Milan Marinkovic within his recently presented article, titled “Serbia and Kosovo: war of nerves”, Serbian government politicians now seemingly start changing the EU mediated technical dialogue of Kosovo and Serbia into a discussion about the “status” of the Republic of Kosovo: Despite former rejection regarding the Kosovar declaration of independence, Borko Stefanovic, head of the Serbian negotiation team considers “the possibility of talking about the division of Kosovo" aiming at cutting out the northern Kosovo region, which is since Kosovo’s secession in 1999 populated by a Serb majority.

However, a possible territorial division is widely refused by representatives of the government of Kosovo.  In this context several politicians from Kosovo repeatedly “answered” with the request to integrate the southern Serbian region of Presheva, with a said to be almost exclusively Albanian population, into the Kosovan borders. Meanwhile EU and USA representatives likewise repeated over the last days, that a partition is not on the agenda. See e.g.  Radio Free Europe and  B92.


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  • UK troops to join Nato Kosovo force in 2017 - BBC News 22/10/2016
    BBC NewsUK troops to join Nato Kosovo force in 2017BBC NewsBritish troops are to be sent to support Nato operations in Kosovo, the defence secretary has said. Sir Michael Fallon said about 30 soldiers would travel early next year to join the Nato Kosovo Force (Kfor) on a 12-month deployment. He said ...British troops to be sent to join the Nato effort in Kos […]
  • EU--Kosovo-Crime Ring - Yahoo Sports 25/10/2016
    EU--Kosovo-Crime RingYahoo SportsPRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — An international prosecutor has charged a group of Kosovo Albanians and Serbs, including a former lawmaker, with organizing a crime ring involved in money laundering, bribery, fraud, abuse of power and tax evasion.
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  • Pristina official calls on Spain to recognize Kosovo - B92 24/10/2016
    B92Pristina official calls on Spain to recognize KosovoB92An article published under the headline "Hoxhaj calls on Spain to recognize Kosovo" further said that the official "expressed his expectation that Spain will not block Kosovo on the path of European integration." In an interview for Spain's EFE agency ...
  • Albania's Caged Bears Enjoy Freer Life in Kosovo - Balkan Insight 24/10/2016
    Balkan InsightAlbania's Caged Bears Enjoy Freer Life in KosovoBalkan InsightThree Albanians bears are among 16 rehomed in Kosovo, a country that seems to have had some success when it comes to its bear sanctuary. Work on the centre in Pristina started in 2012, after news broke of the grim phenomenon of captured bears being ...
  • Why does the West tolerate high-level corruption in Kosovo? - SeeNews 24/10/2016
    SeeNewsWhy does the West tolerate high-level corruption in Kosovo?SeeNewsPRISTINA (Kosovo), October 24 (SeeNews) - Kosovo authorities have repeatedly pledged to fight endemic corruption but impunity remains the norm and Western governments should take concrete steps to signal their displeasure with this situation, Andrea ...
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  • Exposed: Clinton Foundation's Ties To Suspected Human Organ Trafficker 19/10/2016
    The Clinton Foundation invited the prime minister of Kosovo to the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting knowing full well that he had been implicated in a human organ trafficking scheme as leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army in the late 1990s. "What are USG views on WJC inviting former Kosovo PM [Hashim] Thaci and the current PM to CGI?" […]
  • Limak Kosovo Airport "moving ahead" in the aviation business 18/10/2016
    Limak Kosovo Airport predicts 1.8 million passengers in 2016 following an ongoing trend of significant traffic growth. Haldun Firat KA ktA1 4rk, Board Member & CEO, explains to Marta Dimitrova that the airport is "moving ahead" in the aviation business with its infrastructure developments, successful routes strategy, and dedicated community inv […]
  • Kosovo Sees Drops in Foreign Fighters to Mideast 16/10/2016
    Kosovo police officers escort a Kosovo Albanian man suspected of fighting alongside Islamic radicals in Iraq and Syria to a local court in Pristina, Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014. Kosovo police on Monday arrested at least 40 people in a major operation ta The number of fighters joining extremist groups in the Middle East from Kosovo, once the highest per capita in […]
  • Serbian Leaders Warn Support for Joining European Union Is Waning 15/10/2016
    Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic speaks during the Business Forum Serbia-Albania, in the town of Nis, Serbia, Oct. 14, 2016. Serbian leaders have warned that support for joining the European Union is waning in favor of stronger ties with Russia, the Balkan country's traditional Slavic ally.
  • "Stop denying the cultural heritage of others," UN expert 14/10/2016
    "I am concerned at the high level of politicization of cultural heritage issues in Serbia and in Kosovo," said United Nations human rights expert Karima Bennoune at the end of her first fact-finding mission to Serbia and Kosovo. "This reduces cultural heritage to a tool and produces monolithic discourses not appropriate in diverse societies, […]

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