Serbia wants Division of Kosovo

Borko.StefanovicPRISTINA, Kosovo — As anticipated by the Serbian political analyst Milan Marinkovic within his recently presented article, titled “Serbia and Kosovo: war of nerves”, Serbian government politicians now seemingly start changing the EU mediated technical dialogue of Kosovo and Serbia into a discussion about the “status” of the Republic of Kosovo: Despite former rejection regarding the Kosovar declaration of independence, Borko Stefanovic, head of the Serbian negotiation team considers “the possibility of talking about the division of Kosovo" aiming at cutting out the northern Kosovo region, which is since Kosovo’s secession in 1999 populated by a Serb majority.

However, a possible territorial division is widely refused by representatives of the government of Kosovo.  In this context several politicians from Kosovo repeatedly “answered” with the request to integrate the southern Serbian region of Presheva, with a said to be almost exclusively Albanian population, into the Kosovan borders. Meanwhile EU and USA representatives likewise repeated over the last days, that a partition is not on the agenda. See e.g.  Radio Free Europe and  B92.


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  • Kosovo's Champions League dream emerges from war and tragedy - The Guardian 28/05/2016
    The GuardianKosovo's Champions League dream emerges from war and tragedyThe GuardianFootball in Kosovo was firmly on hold by then, years of deep tension and unrest between the independence-seeking Kosovo Liberation Army and the Serbian security forces having descended into open conflict 12 months previously. The Drenica region, to ...
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    Kosovo gets help from British local government bodyPublic Finance InternationalThe LGiU signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kosovo Local Government Institute late last week. This forms the basis of a strategic partnership around policy analysis, capacity building, knowledge sharing and research across accountable ...
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    Balkan InsightKosovo Pupils do Better in English Than Own TongueBalkan InsightAs Kosovo held a general multi-subject test for the 9th and last year of primary education, the majority of students did much better in English than in their mother tongues at national level. While students scored a 64.7 per cent level of achievement ...
  • Kosovo Businesses Query Benefits of EU Trade Deal - Balkan Insight 30/05/2016
    Balkan InsightKosovo Businesses Query Benefits of EU Trade DealBalkan InsightOn April 1, the Kosovo government announced that the long-awaited Stabilisation and Association Agreement, SAA, with the EU had officially come into force, calling it “good news and an important step forward towards Kosovo's European future”.
  • Kosovo daredevils brave cold river on inner tubes - Press TV 30/05/2016
    Press TVKosovo daredevils brave cold river on inner tubesPress TVThirty people have braved the cold waters of the Bistrica river in Kosovo to compete at the “40 Bunar Fest”. The race is a traditional festival that takes place in the river annually . Participants used inflatable inner tubes of tractor tires to get ...and more »
  • Kosovo opposition won't take part in drafting of ZSO statute - B92 30/05/2016
    B92Kosovo opposition won't take part in drafting of ZSO statuteB92Kosovo opposition won't take part in drafting of ZSO statute. Opposition parties in Kosovo are "categorically opposed" to the establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO). Source: Tanjug Monday, May 30, 2016 | 12:20. Tweet ...
  • The radicalisation of Kosovo - ABC Online 30/05/2016
    ABC OnlineThe radicalisation of KosovoABC OnlineNow, like the rest of Europe, Kosovo finds itself trying to fend off the threat of radical Islam. In the last two years, more than 300 Kosovars, including 28 children, have left Kosovo to join Islamic State in Iraq and Syria; the highest per capita ...
  • Gulf money 'turned Kosovo into ISIS hotbed' while EU & US turned a blind eye - RT 27/05/2016
    RTGulf money 'turned Kosovo into ISIS hotbed' while EU & US turned a blind eyeRTKosovo, a predominantly Muslim land severed from Serbia by US and NATO military intervention, was turned into a hotbed of radical Islamism and a fertile recruiting ground for terrorists thanks to money pumped into it by Gulf kingdoms, the New York ...and more »
  • Questions Linger Over Kosovo Mobster's Record Verdict - Balkan Insight 28/05/2016
    Balkan InsightQuestions Linger Over Kosovo Mobster's Record VerdictBalkan InsightThis was only one of the several accounts that Sekiraqa's defence presented to the court since October 2014, when one of the most debated trials in Kosovo commenced. Sekiraqa's defence, composed of Kelmendi and a Slovenian lawyer, Bostjan Penko, ...
  • Hofer: Kosovo is Serbia - InSerbia News 30/05/2016
    Hofer: Kosovo is SerbiaInSerbia NewsVIENNA – Kosovo-Metohija is a part of Serbia, says Vice-President of the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria Norbert Hofer, who lost in the recent presidential run-off from left-wing independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen, adding that the ...and more »

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