Serbia wants Division of Kosovo

Borko.StefanovicPRISTINA, Kosovo — As anticipated by the Serbian political analyst Milan Marinkovic within his recently presented article, titled “Serbia and Kosovo: war of nerves”, Serbian government politicians now seemingly start changing the EU mediated technical dialogue of Kosovo and Serbia into a discussion about the “status” of the Republic of Kosovo: Despite former rejection regarding the Kosovar declaration of independence, Borko Stefanovic, head of the Serbian negotiation team considers “the possibility of talking about the division of Kosovo" aiming at cutting out the northern Kosovo region, which is since Kosovo’s secession in 1999 populated by a Serb majority.

However, a possible territorial division is widely refused by representatives of the government of Kosovo.  In this context several politicians from Kosovo repeatedly “answered” with the request to integrate the southern Serbian region of Presheva, with a said to be almost exclusively Albanian population, into the Kosovan borders. Meanwhile EU and USA representatives likewise repeated over the last days, that a partition is not on the agenda. See e.g.  Radio Free Europe and  B92.


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RSS Kosovo News

  • EU prospect "cure for Balkans"; Serbia "against" Kosovo army - B92 31/03/2015
    B92EU prospect "cure for Balkans"; Serbia "against" Kosovo armyB92"Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, Kosovo's Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and EU High Representative Catherine Ashton were at the NATO headquarters when they signed the Brussels agreement and NATO officials gave them guarantees that no ...Dacic: Serbia […]
  • Can Kosovo's biggest university sweep away its rampant graft? - Christian Science Monitor 31/03/2015
    Christian Science MonitorCan Kosovo's biggest university sweep away its rampant graft?Christian Science MonitorBut since becoming rector of Kosovo's largest public university in September, he has gone after graft with the precision of his profession, implementing a wide range of reforms in how the university is run. And these reforms are impacting […]
  • Kosovo's entrepreneurs hope for brighter future - BBC News 26/03/2015
    BBC NewsKosovo's entrepreneurs hope for brighter futureBBC NewsIt is only just past nine in the morning - the staff are still taking the chairs off the tables at the pub in the centre of Kosovo's capital Pristina - and Alban Ibrahimi is keen to start drinking. But the shots the Kosovan entrepreneur has in mind are ...and more »
  • Kosovo's Winter of Discontent - Nouse 28/03/2015
    NouseKosovo's Winter of DiscontentNouseMany have been referring to the ongoing protests that have unfolded in Pristina this January as Kosovo's “Winter of Discontent”. But just like any situation that includes political and social upheaval, it needs a good catalyst for the domino effect to ...
  • Leaving Kosovo: Exodus of young people as frustration soars - BBC News 22/03/2015
    BBC NewsLeaving Kosovo: Exodus of young people as frustration soarsBBC NewsFairy lights twinkle, a mixture of Albanian and English-language hits play over the sound system and the 20-somethings gathered around the tables regularly break into laughter. But the joviality papers over a grim reality for these young people. Kosovo ...and more »
  • Kosovo's ruling DPK draws up resolution on genocide against Albanians - InSerbia News 31/03/2015
    InSerbia NewsKosovo's ruling DPK draws up resolution on genocide against AlbaniansInSerbia NewsThe Serb community in Kosovo, which has been boycotting the work of the government and assembly since February 3, will be most harmed by the resolution, vice president of the Kosovo Assembly and representative of the parliamentary group “6 plus” Duda ...' […]
  • First Serbian politician accepts invitation to Kosovo - EurActiv 26/03/2015
    EurActivFirst Serbian politician accepts invitation to KosovoEurActivSerbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić became the first government official to visit Pristina at Kosovo's invitation since the territory unilaterally declared independence from Belgrade in 2008. Dačić attended a Western Balkans conference on creating the ...Kosovo Hosts Serb Foreign Mini […]
  • Why countries that recognize Palestinian statehood turn their backs on Kosovo - Quartz 20/03/2015
    QuartzWhy countries that recognize Palestinian statehood turn their backs on KosovoQuartzNearby Albania and Kosovo are arguably Europe's “most Islamic” countries, when excluding Turkey. In Albania, 56.7% of the population adheres to Sunni Islam. And although exact numbers aren't available for Kosovo, one of the world's youngest countries, ... […]
  • Ex-military intel chief heads Kosovo talks coordination - B92 30/03/2015
    B92Ex-military intel chief heads Kosovo talks coordinationB92Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija head Marko Djuric announced previously that the government would set up a new office to coordinate issues related to the Kosovo talks "in order to strengthen all state capacities and gather together all ...and more »
  • Milano's Anna Di Lellio Honored By President of Kosovo - The New School News (blog) 18/03/2015
    The New School News (blog)Milano's Anna Di Lellio Honored By President of KosovoThe New School News (blog)Anna Di Lellio may not be from Kosovo, but for a non-native, she sure has the respect of the Kosovar people. Last month, Di Lellio, a faculty member in the New School's Graduate Program in International Affairs (GPIA), was awarded the President […]

RSS Kosovo News Topix

  • Kosovo: Concluding Statement of the 2015 Article IV Mission 30/03/2015
    A Concluding Statement describes the preliminary findings of IMF staff at the end of an official staff visit , in most cases to a member country. Missions are undertaken as part of regular consultations under Article IV of the IMF's Articles of Agreement, in the context of a request to use IMF resources , as part of discussions of staff monitored progra […]
  • A City of Two Tales 30/03/2015
    He's in his 40s, and an ethnic Albanian, so to him this city of about 95,000 in western Kosovo is called Gjakova. To a Serb, it is Djakovica.
  • Suspicion Of Cheating Leads Man To Superglue Wife's Private Parts 30/03/2015
    Albanian Saimir Strati glues down a bean onto the outline of the Albanian on a wall in the Hotel Prishtina for his mosaic artwork in Pristina, Kosovo, November 2, 2012. Strati, who has already won six Guinness World Records since 2006 for other mosaic artworks, created the mosaic in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Albania by putti […]
  • Forgotten Balkans look set to plague the 21st century 29/03/2015
    This summer sees the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Srebrenica. Eight thousand Europeans were taken outside, their hands carefully tied behind their backs, and Serbian soldiers shot them all in cold blood.
  • Serb deputies continue to boycott Kosovo assembly 28/03/2015
    Head of the Serbian List group in the Kosovo assembly Sasa Milosavljevic has said that 9 deputies from this list will not show up for today's sitting. "We are still waiting for our coalition partners to fulfill their coalition obligations.
  • EU 'ready to open first chapters this year' 28/03/2015
    EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in Belgrade on Friday that the organization she represents "sees Serbia's European future." "And my main message here is not only that Serbia is firmly on the path towards the European Union, but also that the Union is ready for the opening of negotiating chapters this year.
  • President, EU's Mogherini have 'frank conversation' 28/03/2015
    Nikolic added that Serbia, though talks with Pristina and the signing of the Brussels agreement, as well by implementing the agreements reached during the negotiations "proved that its absolute foreign policy priority was to join the European Union," said in a statement issued by the president's press service. "From the EU we expect to wo […]
  • Prizren Sadirvan 27/03/2015
    Kosova Devleti'nin Prizren Kenti'nde OsmanlA TA1 4rk Devleti'nden kalma tarihi cami ve A adA rvan. MeydanA n adA da A adA rvan MeydanA .
  • DIARY- Emerging Markets Economic Events to April 9 27/03/2015
    European Central Bank Deputy Director General of International & European Relations Gilles Noblet speaks at event to celebrate the conclusion of a cooperation program organized by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, the European Commission and the ECB - 1000 GMT. MONDAY, MARCH 30 SEOUL - Bank of Korea Governor Lee Ju-yeol speaks at a luncheon at […]
  • Postcard from... Pristina 27/03/2015
    Note: We do not store your email address but your IP address will be logged to prevent abuse of this feature. Please read our Legal Terms & Policies At Pristina's dreary bus station, a small notice pinned to a scuffed white wall lists 10 reasons why Kosovans shouldn't abandon their country - first among them is that Kosovo will cease to exist w […]
  • Serbia, Kosovo police discuss shared threats 26/03/2015
    The first meeting between the police chiefs of Serbia and Kosovo is being hailed as a major step in the region's fight against organised crime. EULEX head Gabriele Maucchi commended the police directors of Kosovo and Serbia for meeting in Belgrade on March 10th.
  • Just a phone call away, Serbia and Kosovo forgo foreign mediators 26/03/2015
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  • Kosovo firms hope for better future 26/03/2015
    It is only just past nine in the morning - the staff are still taking the chairs off the tables at the pub in the centre of Kosovo's capital Pristina - and Alban Ibrahimi is keen to start drinking. With a subtle flourish, the 36-year-old lines up a series of small, squat bottles of assorted fruit juices and smoothies, along with glasses of palate-cleans […]
  • Poroshenko Sacks Feisty Governor, Serbia-Kosovo Talks Hit a Hurdle 25/03/2015
    Plus, German courts refuse to send Bulgarian convicts home to filthy jails; report alleges Gulnara Karimov made billions by arm-twisting foreign investors. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko sacked the oligarch governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, Ihor Kolomoyskiy, early today, the BBC reports , days after armed men briefly occupied the offices of two oil co […]
  • PM Mustafa before a motion regarding the establishment of the Special Court 24/03/2015
    Members of the parliament from the ranks of the Movement Self-Determination have called Pime Minister Isa Mustafa for an interpellation concerning the constitutional responsibilities of the Government of Kosovo regarding the establishment of the Special Court. Thus, VetA vendosje! calls on the Assembly of Kosovo to initiate the establishment of a legal frame […]
  • Recognise reality, and Kosovo 24/03/2015
    Global powers intervene in attempt to quell the bloodshed and implement an imperfect ceasefire stalemate. Eventually, events on the ground overtake the status quo and a new country unilaterally declares independence.
  • Leaving Kosovo: Exodus of young people as frustration soars 22/03/2015
    Fairy lights twinkle, a mixture of Albanian and English-language hits play over the sound system and the 20-somethings gathered around the tables regularly break into laughter. It does not quite have the highest youth unemployment rate in the region - that dubious honour belongs to Bosnia - but almost six in 10 of Kosovo's young people cannot find a job […]

RSS More News Kosovo

  • Grand Mufti of Kosovo commends UAE support for his country 31/03/2015
    (MENAFN - Emirates News Agency (WAM)) The Grand Mufti of Kosovo, Sheikh Naim Ternava, today praised the continued support of the UAE for his country in various fields.Sheikh Naim T...
  • IMF - Kosovo deficit may exceed 2 percent, GDP to grow about 3 percent 30/03/2015
    The International Monetary Fund cautioned Kosovo on Monday that its budget deficit may exceed a target of two percent of output and that the economy would grow less than the government hopes. The landlocked Balkan state, which seceded from Serbia in 2008, does not currently have a loan arrangement with the IMF but Finance Minister Avdullah Hoti has said he w […]
  • Kosovo firms hope for better future 26/03/2015
    Kosovo's entrepreneurs hope for a brighter economic future
  • EU's approach to Kosovo "status-neutral" - spokesperson 03/03/2015
    BELGRADE -- The EU is "strongly committed to the principle of neutrality on the Kosovo status," a spokesperson for EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has said.
  • 'Afghanistan Is Central' to ISIS Caliphate, President Says 23/03/2015
    ISIS is targeting Afghanistan as a strategic foothold in its broader war to establish a caliphate, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani tells NBC News.
  • "EU integrations progress depends on Kosovo talks" 31/03/2015
    BELGRADE -- Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says Serbia's progress towards the EU "will depend on the assessment of whether there is progress in the dialogue with Pristina."
  • EU wants Serbia accession talks to begin in earnest this year 27/03/2015
    The European Union said on Friday it was a priority to open the first chapters in accession negotiations with Serbia by the end of the year, after a delay caused by foot-dragging in relations between Belgrade and its former Kosovo province. The EU formally launched membership negotiations with Serbia in January 2014, following a landmark deal to regulate rel […]
  • Vucic has telephone conversation with Kosovo PM 26/03/2015
    BELGRADE -- Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has had a phone conversation "with Prime Minister of the interim administration in Pristina Isa Mustafa," Tanjug said.
  • Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Into Wednesday 31/03/2015
    Talks on an Iranian nuclear deal have made enough progress to continue past Tuesday night's deadline, the U.S. said.
  • News from around Wisconsin at 5:58 p.m. CDT 30/03/2015
    American regional English dictionary running low on money MADISON, Wis. (AP) - A Wisconsin project that shows regional differences in how Americans use the English language is running low on money. The Dictionary of American Regional English, known by the acronym DARE, was founded at the University of Wisconsin-Madison more ...

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RSS Balkan News

  • Croatian Church Satire Draws Interest in France 01/04/2015
    A Croatian movie, “Svecenikova djeca”, which makes fun of Catholic teaching about sex and contraception, is being screened in France, supported by the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
  • Emirates Scrap Luxury Resort Plan in Montenegro 01/04/2015
    A major UAE investor has pulled out of deal worth 300 million euro to build a luxury resort near Budva, dealing a serious blow to the Montenegrin government.
  • Serbs Promised Truth About Helicopter Crash 01/04/2015
    Prosecution promises to reveal findings of secret Defence Ministry reports into helicopter crash disaster on March 13, in which seven people, including a sick baby, perished.    
  • Boom in Private Security Causes Concern in Montenegro 01/04/2015
    Interior Ministry report voices concern over growth of private security companies undertaking services once provided by the police - often without much supervision.    
  • Romania Detains Son of Ex-President of Moldova 01/04/2015
    As Romania's anti-corruption crackdown continues, a Bucharest court placed businessman Sergiu Lucinschi in custody on suspicion of trying to extract a bribe of 4 million euro.
  • Bosnia Beats Deadline to Form New Governments 01/04/2015
    After six months of political wrangling that took the country to the edge of the abyss, Bosnia and Herzegovina finally got new state-level and Federation entity governments.    
  • Serbia ‘Will Not Deport Seselj by Force’ 01/04/2015
    The Serbian government said it will not forcibly arrest war crimes defendant Vojislav Seselj and hopes the Serbian Radical Party leader will return to detention at the Hague Tribunal voluntarily.  
  • Croatia President Backs Compulsory Military Service 01/04/2015
    Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has lent backing to the idea of reintroducing compulsory military service, which some analysts see as potentially useful.    
  • Albania Police Chief Quits Over Extradition Fiasco 31/03/2015
    Albanian police chief Artan Didi quit on Tuesday after two officials from Tirana's Interpol office were detained, accused of hiding an extradition request from Belgium for MP Mark Frroku - who is wanted for murder.    
  • Romania Warned Against Dangers of Tax Cuts 31/03/2015
    Romania's Fiscal Council has echoed warnings made earlier by the IMF that the centre-left government’s plans to cut taxes will throw the economy off course.
  • Croatian Wartime General Branimir Glavas Released 31/03/2015
    Retired general and former lawmaker Glavas was released from prison, where he was being held on remand while awaiting retrial for alleged war crimes against Serbs.
  • Serbian Fighters’ Kosovo Massacre Convictions Overturned 31/03/2015
    A verdict convicting nine former Serbian fighters of killing more than 118 Albanians near the Kosovo town of Pec/Peja in 1999 was annulled and the case sent for retrial.
  • Croats Hit by Soaring Swiss Franc Call Protest 31/03/2015
    A lobby group for Croats hit by the sharp rise in the value of the franc has scheduled a street protest in April, demanding that the governor of the national bank, HNB, step down.    
  • Montenegro Arrests Fans for Football Violence 31/03/2015
    Police arrested two fans suspected of throwing a flare at Russian goalkeeper during last Friday's abandoned qualifier, as football association awaits UEFA disciplinary ruling.    
  • Serbia PM: Seselj Being Used to Punish Belgrade 31/03/2015
    Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said the Hague Tribunal’s decision to release Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Seselj and then recall him to custody was intended to undermine his government.    
  • Anti-Putin Tirade Worsens Russia-Romania Relations 31/03/2015
    Romania's cool relations with Russia are under further strain following a controversy over an article blasting President Vladimir Putin, published by a Romanian website.    
  • Feud Poses Threat to Bosnian Serb Leadership 31/03/2015
    The government of the Bosnian Serb entity, Republika Srpska, could be left without a majority owing to a growing feud between Milorad Dodik and one his party's leading figures.    
  • Fans of Zagreb's Embattled Mayor Form New Party 31/03/2015
    He may be fighting off corruption charges that could result in a jail term - but that did not stop supporters of Mayor Milan Bandic from forming a new party in Zagreb last Saturday.    


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