Kosovo: EULEX faces abuse accusations

EULEXPRISTINA (PRISHTINA) – Kosovo ++ EULEX spokesperson Alexandra George confirmed information from Kosovo Media about EULEX internal investigations: Reportedly a high ranked EULEX official is accused to have continuously abused local staff members. “An internal investigation has been launched and the results are expected very soon”, spokesperson George announced, saying the case is taken very seriously. According to EULEX one person was suspended and three further persons were transferred to new duties. Seemingly all concerned persons belonged to an EULEX security unit.

Until now EULEX was not ready to make public the identity of the accused: “… the right to privacy of all those concerned must be protected.” Whereas broadcasters from Kosovo launched statements of Kosovo-Albanian EULEX employees, referring the accusations to a person called “Leo”. Besides abuse further accusations were made in terms of offending behavior against the religion, the nationality and the state of Kosovo-Albanian employees. According to broadcast media the concerned Kosovo-Albanian staff was threatened by the accused, to be dismissed from their jobs in case they would publicly report on this issue.

On this occasion war-crime suspect PDK MP Limaj, was quoted as saying: “EULEX has people with a UNMIK mentality who continue to see Kosovo not as independent state, but as a protectorate”.  KSNK Read more at Media Monitor 17.04.2011, Broadcast Monitor 16.04.2011, Klan Kosova, RTK, RTV21, Koha

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    Serbia and Kosovo reached agreement Tuesday on key issues for better relations between the two countries, and between Albanian and Serbian people in Kosovo. The deal, brokered in Brussels by EU chief diplomat Federica Mogherini, establishes strong local powers for Kosovo areas with a Serbian majority.
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    I cannot believe that there are only 25 photos of Pristina on TE and another 7 listed under the alternate spelling of 'Prishtina'. Or that Kosovo is not listed as a separate country to Serbia by TE.
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    ERDOGAN "LAUNDERS MILLIONS BY BUILDING MOSQUES IN KOSOVO": KOSOVO PRESS ALLEGES. The Other News Aug 17 2015 Millions of euros are flowing from Turkey to Kosovo "through illegal routes, bypassing banks," according to the Pristina-based Albanian language daily Zeri.

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