Kosovo Census – Serb reluctance

Krstimir-PanticPRISTINA / PRISHTINA – The long planned and awaited census of the Kosovan population seems to face ongoing confusion about its implementa-tion in the Serb dominated northern part of Kosovo. While beforehand government officials stated, that the UN organization UNOPS will implement the census for the Serb citizens in the Mitrovica region, now the Statistical Office Kosovo declares its staff to be responsible for the realization of according inter-views. Meanwhile “Radio Television Kosovo” (RTK) quotes the informal mayor of the Serbian parallel administration in the town of Mitrovica, Krstimir Pantic, saying they “… will wait for the census organized by the government of Serbia”.

Reportedly also Serb citizens in further parts of Kosovo were under pressure “from Belgrade” to refuse participating at the Pristina-led registration of the Kosovan population.  KON – Read more at the Kosovo Broadcast Monitor and the News Monitor 14.04.2011

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    PoliticoAn 'inflammatory' attack on KosovoPoliticoChuck Sudetic's “The bullies who run Kosovo” (July 21), which reports to address the situation in Kosovo and the current debate in the Parliament over establishment of Special Chambers, is based on gross speculation. It references anonymous sources and ...and more »
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    B92Athens "irritated" with Belgrade "over Kosovo and Macedonia"B92When it comes to Serbian reports about Greece's intentions regarding Kosovo - the unilaterally declared independence of which Athens does not recognize - "the Foreign Ministry circles stated that the policy of Athens is entirely about implementation of ...and more […]
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    PoliticoCongressman Engel is wrong about Kosovo's democracyPoliticoBut if one looks beyond its forms the analysis changes: Since Kosovo became independent, in 2008, Freedom House's Nations in Transit reports — which contain the most detailed analyses of Kosovo's political system, among those offered by this research ...
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    PoliticoThe bullies who run KosovoPoliticoThe United States and its European NATO allies, after all, carried out the 1999 bombing campaign that wrenched Kosovo from Serbia, and effectively gave it to the 1.7 million Kosovars who comprise about 93 percent of the country's population. The U.S ...
  • Kosovo needs US and European support - Politico 22/07/2015
    PoliticoKosovo needs US and European supportPoliticoI recently returned from Kosovo where I met with the country's leaders. We discussed the growth in Kosovo's democracy and how Freedom House has upgraded its rating to “Parliamentary Democracy.” We reflected on the overwhelming support of the Kosovar ...

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  • University of Leicester to celebrate achievements of leaders and... 13/07/2015
    The University of Leicester will celebrate the achievements of leaders and pioneers in their fields by conferring them with honorary degrees at ceremonies this week . Recipients who have associations with the University of Leicester include former heads of state and scientists developing cutting-edge technologies that revolutionise our lives.
  • Alleged ISIS Plot To Poison Reservoir Uncovered 13/07/2015
    Kosovan capital Pristina was left without water over the weekend as authorities reacted to Islamic State threats to poison the reservoir that provides drinking water to 100,000 people. Water authorities cited "security issues" when they turned off water to the capital city on Saturday after five were arrested at or near the reservoir after Islamic […]
  • Speeches: Interview With Radio Television Kosova 13/07/2015
    Question : Ms. Nuland, what would the United States' reaction be if Kosovo creates the Special Court, and on the other side, what if Kosovo fails to approve the creation of the Special Court? Assistant Secretary Nuland : Well, Burim, I think you and your viewers know that the United States has strongly supported the Special Court.
  • Kosovo water plot leads to arrest of 5 13/07/2015
    Five people were in custody in Kosovo on Sunday, accused in a terrorist plot to contaminate the water supply in the capital, Pristina. Local news reports said three people were arrested Saturday morning while acting suspiciously near the Badovac reservoir, which supplies Pristina with nearly half its water.
  • Tens of thousands without water in Kosovo after fears of Isis plot to poison reservoir 12/07/2015
    Note: We do not store your email address but your IP address will be logged to prevent abuse of this feature. Please read our Legal Terms & Policies Tens of thousands of people in Kosovo were without water after the authorities shut off supplies over fears that Isis had poisoned a reservoir.

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  • Serbian Parliament Mulls Public Sector Layoffs 28/07/2015
    The Serbian parliament disussed a controversial law on establishing criteria for downsizing the public sector which envisages that 9,000 people will be fired by the end of the year.
  • Bosnia Federation Unions Vow to Stop Labour Law 28/07/2015
    Trade unions in Bosnia's Bosniak and Croat-dominated Federation entity have announced protests aimed at blocking the adoption of a new labour law - a key reform agreed with the EU and IMF.
  • Kosovo Parliament Rejects Serb Minister’s Cyrillic 28/07/2015
    A ministerial document written in the Cyrillic alphabet used by Serbs was rejected by the commission for legislation, highlighting the language differences which continue to cause problems in Kosovo.
  • Macedonia Junior Ruling Party Keeps Silent on Killings 28/07/2015
    The junior party in the ruling coalition, the Democratic Union for Integration, will not formally discuss two deadly incidents which saw two of its members killed.
  • Heatwave Causes Water Shortage in Tirana 28/07/2015
    Albania’s capital is experiencing a water supply crisis this summer, blamed by the authorities on illegal connections to the water distribution network and many consumers’ failure to pay their bills. 
  • Croatia Court Orders Retrial for Ex-PM Sanader 27/07/2015
    Croatia's constitutional court revoked the conviction of former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader for bribery and illegal profiteering, and ordered a retrial.
  • Serbia’s Nazi-Backed WWII Leader Awaits Rehabilitation 27/07/2015
    A Belgrade court is to begin the process of rehabilitating Milan Nedic, leader of a Nazi-backed puppet government during WWII, who was branded a war criminal by the Yugoslav Communists.
  • Serbia Vows to Stop Kosovo Joining UNESCO 27/07/2015
    Belgrade said it will fight Pristina’s bid to join UN cultural body UNESCO, arguing that Kosovo is not a state and cannot protect Serbian religious monuments and heritage there.
  • Right-Wingers Target Croatian WWII Uprising Anniversary 27/07/2015
    Croatian Serbs and anti-fascist activists marked the anniversary of the 1941 anti-fascist uprising in the village of Srb despite being confronted by dozens of far-right protesters.
  • Work on Macedonia Crisis Deal Set to Begin 27/07/2015
    As Macedonia’s warring parties prepared to meet to discuss electoral reforms, Brussels warned the country must act fast to find a way out of its political crisis through dialogue and elections.
  • Croatia to Quit Territorial Arbitration with Slovenia 27/07/2015
    Croatia said it will quit international arbitration with Slovenia over the disputed Piran Gulf after revelations of secret conversations between a judge and the Slovene representative on the tribunal.
  • Kosovo, Serbia Suspend Cross-Border Car Agreement 27/07/2015
    A long-awaited agreement designed to make travel between Kosovo and Serbia cheaper was suspended hours before its planned implementation, with both sides blaming the other. 
  • Bosnia, Croatia Row Over Peljesac Bridge 27/07/2015
    Bosnian and Croatian officials have exchanged angry words in their dispute over the planned construction of the Peljesac bridge, which is to connect the southernmost parts of Croatia, cutting across Bosnia's sea corridor.
  • Serbia Toughens Inspections of 'Grey' Economy 27/07/2015
    While businesses back a new, tougher inspection regime targeting the untaxed 'grey' economy, some warn that the clampdown will most affect poor workers, especially women.
  • EU Kosovo Mission Ex-Prosecutor Alleges ‘Intimidation’ 24/07/2015
    A former EU rule-of-law mission in Kosovo prosecutor who made claims of corruption said she has been threatened with criminal prosecution if she speaks publicly about her case against her ex-employers.
  • Serbia to Name School after Nationalist Writer Cosic 24/07/2015
    A primary school will be named after the late writer, politician and Serbian nationalist ideologist Dobrica Cosic in the village of Velika Drenova, where he was born.
  • Croatia May Quit Arbitration Case over Piran Gulf 24/07/2015
    Croatia said it may pull out of international arbitration with Slovenia over the Gulf of Piran following revelations of secret conversations between a judge and the Slovene representative.
  • Albanian Police Comb Mountains For Drugs Farms 24/07/2015
    Albanian police say that after major crackdowns on marijuana growers in 2014, the farmers have changed their strategy - using small plots hidden in the mountains, which are hard to locate.

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