Eulex in Kosovo: a shining symbol of incompetence

CapusselaRead this: Andrea Capussela, until March 2011 Head of the economics unit of the EU Inter-national Civilian Office (ICO) in Kosovo, with an opinion piece recently published at the guardian harshly comments upon the success of EU in Kosovo : “The EU’s largest civilian mission, EULEX-Kosovo, was meant to prove the possibility of an effective common foreign policy. … Still, EULEX – which costs about €100m a year and fields almost one policeman, judge or prosecutor for every 1,000 residents of this small territory – could strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo and the stability of the Balkans, … as a peaceful, rule-based force. In three years it has achieved little. … The difficult context partly explains this failure, but the main causes are internal …” read more at the / KS

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  • Kosovo's entrepreneurs hope for brighter future - BBC News 26/03/2015
    BBC NewsKosovo's entrepreneurs hope for brighter futureBBC NewsIt is only just past nine in the morning - the staff are still taking the chairs off the tables at the pub in the centre of Kosovo's capital Pristina - and Alban Ibrahimi is keen to start drinking. But the shots the Kosovan entrepreneur has in mind are ...and more »
  • First Serbian politician accepts invitation to Kosovo - EurActiv 26/03/2015
    EurActivFirst Serbian politician accepts invitation to KosovoEurActivSerbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić became the first government official to visit Pristina at Kosovo's invitation since the territory unilaterally declared independence from Belgrade in 2008. Dačić attended a Western Balkans conference on creating the ...Just a phone call away, Serbia […]
  • Kosovo focuses on NATO membership - Southeast European Times 26/03/2015
    Kosovo focuses on NATO membershipSoutheast European TimesKosovo is looking to become a member of the NATO Partnership for Peace Programme, and the country is seeking more access to Alliance exercises and training in order to help the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) transform into an army. KSF Minister Haki ...
  • Leaving Kosovo: Exodus of young people as frustration soars - BBC News 22/03/2015
    BBC NewsLeaving Kosovo: Exodus of young people as frustration soarsBBC NewsFairy lights twinkle, a mixture of Albanian and English-language hits play over the sound system and the 20-somethings gathered around the tables regularly break into laughter. But the joviality papers over a grim reality for these young people. Kosovo ...and more »
  • "Unification" of Kosovo and Albania "through EU" - B92 24/03/2015
    B92"Unification" of Kosovo and Albania "through EU"B92Following a joint session of the governments of Kosovo and Albania, the ministers signed a total of 11 agreements, including an agreement on strengthening cooperation in the area of internal controls, a protocol on shared use of border control ...Albanian PM criticizes EU's attitu […]
  • Why countries that recognize Palestinian statehood turn their backs on Kosovo - Quartz 20/03/2015
    QuartzWhy countries that recognize Palestinian statehood turn their backs on KosovoQuartzNearby Albania and Kosovo are arguably Europe's “most Islamic” countries, when excluding Turkey. In Albania, 56.7% of the population adheres to Sunni Islam. And although exact numbers aren't available for Kosovo, one of the world's youngest countries, ... […]
  • Europol: 77 smugglers of migrants from Kosovo arrested - InSerbia News 26/03/2015
    InSerbia NewsEuropol: 77 smugglers of migrants from Kosovo arrestedInSerbia NewsIn a Europol-coordinated operation, which involved the police services of several countries, 77 people of various nationalities were arrested, and the arrests were made in Kosovo, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, the Czech Republic, France and Germany, ...European Police Arrest 77 in […]
  • Kosovo: Sufi mystics and a piercing 200-year tradition - Yahoo! Maktoob News 25/03/2015
    Kosovo: Sufi mystics and a piercing 200-year traditionYahoo! Maktoob NewsPrizren, Kosovo - For a group of Sufi mystics, the advent of spring erupts in a clash of cymbals, guttural chanting, and a trickle of blood. For hours several dozen men in the congregation have been chanting, swaying, and singing songs in Albanian ...
  • Iranian Propagandists in Kosovo - The Weekly Standard (blog) 19/03/2015
    Iranian Propagandists in KosovoThe Weekly Standard (blog)Kosovo Albanians, overwhelmingly Muslim, love America—which rescued them from Serbian aggression in 1999—and desire diplomatic relations with Israel. Kosovo does not recognize the Palestinian Authority and does not belong to the Organization of ...
  • Poroshenko Sacks Feisty Governor, Serbia-Kosovo Talks Hit a Hurdle - Transitions Online 25/03/2015
    Poroshenko Sacks Feisty Governor, Serbia-Kosovo Talks Hit a HurdleTransitions OnlineA recent prediction by Kosovo's foreign minister, Hashim Thaci, that Serbia would soon recognize the independence of its former province brought a rejoinder from the head of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo, Marko Djuric, who said, “the road to ...

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  • Serbia, Kosovo police discuss shared threats 26/03/2015
    The first meeting between the police chiefs of Serbia and Kosovo is being hailed as a major step in the region's fight against organised crime. EULEX head Gabriele Maucchi commended the police directors of Kosovo and Serbia for meeting in Belgrade on March 10th.
  • Just a phone call away, Serbia and Kosovo forgo foreign mediators 26/03/2015
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  • Kosovo firms hope for better future 26/03/2015
    It is only just past nine in the morning - the staff are still taking the chairs off the tables at the pub in the centre of Kosovo's capital Pristina - and Alban Ibrahimi is keen to start drinking. With a subtle flourish, the 36-year-old lines up a series of small, squat bottles of assorted fruit juices and smoothies, along with glasses of palate-cleans […]
  • Poroshenko Sacks Feisty Governor, Serbia-Kosovo Talks Hit a Hurdle 25/03/2015
    Plus, German courts refuse to send Bulgarian convicts home to filthy jails; report alleges Gulnara Karimov made billions by arm-twisting foreign investors. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko sacked the oligarch governor of Dnipropetrovsk region, Ihor Kolomoyskiy, early today, the BBC reports , days after armed men briefly occupied the offices of two oil co […]
  • Recognise reality, and Kosovo 24/03/2015
    Global powers intervene in attempt to quell the bloodshed and implement an imperfect ceasefire stalemate. Eventually, events on the ground overtake the status quo and a new country unilaterally declares independence.
  • Fighting for Truth: Mysterious Death of Russian Al 21/03/2015
    It's a victory for his widow, Marina Litvinenko, who had to battle massive resistance to get a full investigation. Litvinenko was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210 in 2006.
  • Solar Eclipse Grips Skywatchers 20/03/2015
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  • Iranian Propagandists in Kosovo 19/03/2015
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  • Quitting dreams, chasing dreams 19/03/2015
    ONLY a few years ago, politicians in the European Union, and in the poor and war-ravaged countries in the continent's south-east, felt that between them they were creating a virtuous circle. With EU help, poor Balkan lands would improve their governance and streamline their economies; in due course they would be rewarded with EU entry.
  • Kosovo-Serbia agreement paves way for unified judiciary 17/03/2015
    The prime ministers of Kosovo and Serbia, Isa Mustafa and Aleksandar Vucic, resumed the dialogue on the normalisation of relations between their two countries and focused on an agreement on the justice system. " The two prime ministers finalised the agreement on justice and judiciary in Kosovo, thereby closing a critical chapter of the implementation of […]
  • Kosovo, UK partner against crime 13/03/2015
    Kosovo Interior Minister Skender Hyseni and Steve Bennett of the UK's National Crime Agency speak in Pristina on February 24th after inking a security co-operation agreement. [AFP] "The UK is a friend and strategic partner of Kosovo.
  • Baffling Kosovo mass exodus exposes domestic hardships 13/03/2015
    In a matter of a few months, almost five percent of Kosovo's population left in search of better opportunities in the EU as economic refugees because of unemployment, poverty and tumultuous politics at home. About 100,000 have reportedly fled the country since the beginning of this year.
  • KFOR remains vital for regional stability, development 12/03/2015
    By ensuring freedom of movement and a safe and secure environment, KFOR helps improve Kosovo society and regional stability, officials and experts agree. KFOR is capable of quickly responding to situations across Kosovo in order to maintain freedom of movement and a safe and secure environment, the NATO-led mission said.
  • A1 2bogar and Meucci presented facts to Krasniqi 12/03/2015
    In an open and constructive meeting, they exchanged views on recently published allegations of interference into judicial procedures regarding NISMA's President Mr. Fatmir Limaj. Head of the EU Office in Kosovo / EUSR A1 2bogar insisted that EU does not interfere in the court decisions.
  • Kosovo imam faces terror charges 11/03/2015
    "Around 300 Kosovo citizens have so far fought in the wars in Syria and Iraq," Kosovo Interior Minister Skender Hyseni said on March 4th. [AFP] For the first time, Kosovo is set to prosecute citizens for alleged ties to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terror organisation.
  • Slobodan Milosevic Street? Not likely, warns Kosovo government 09/03/2015
    Kosovo's government warned ethnic Serbs on Monday not to follow through on a decision to name a street after late Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic, whose crackdown in the former Serbian province triggered war with NATO in 1999. PRISTINA: Kosovo's government warned ethnic Serbs on Monday not to follow through on a decision to name a street after […]
  • Regional countries pledge to strengthen co-operation against terrorism 09/03/2015
    Southeast Europe officials reaffirmed their commitment to intensify co-operation in the fight against terrorism and the effort to stop foreign fighters. Southeast Europe countries have reiterated their commitment to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and condemned all acts, methods and practices of terrorism.

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