Six Months More for Kosovo Acting President Krasniqi – Intention or Ignorance?


PRISTINA, Kosovo — One might doubt if Jakup Krasniqi, President of the Koso-var parliament and again acting Presi-dent of the Republic of Kosovo acts with intention or with ignorance. It was Kras-niqi chairing the session, which caused both the decision of the Constitutional Court to annul the recent election for the President of Kosovo – as well as the follow-ing constitutional and political crisis: First by unawareness of a constitutionally requested minimum presence of MPs (quorum) for the election of the Kosovan President.

And second by allowing the just elected President Pacolli to participate as an MP in the election for the countries’ Prime Minister.

After all, long-term parliament head Krasniqi didn’t feel respon-sible for the mess at all, but blamed his staff instead, saying he only chaired the session, but it was the administration which prepared it.

Following this direction, Krasniqi now tries to postpone the new election of a President, stating the process would be too “hasty”, and the political parties would require more communication. Krasniqi’s proposal to overcome the current political stagnation is a change of the Kosovan constitution: ‘We can amend the Constitution of Kosovo within 6 months and have the president elected directly by the vote of the people”, said the self declared plebian tribune.

Regarding the situation of the so-called political parties in Kosovo, Krasniqi’s proposal appears as most doubtful. None of the respective ruling parties was ever able to rule without a multi-party coalition – and never a smaller coalition partner allowed the dominating party to place its people on both positions, Prime Minister and President of Kosovo.

Allowing direct voting for the Presidency would subsequently lead to endless negotiations about ruling coalitions and the position of the Prime Minister. The following permanent instability will harshly damage the young Republic.Considering outstanding negotiations with Serbia, further needed recognitions,forty percent unemployment and fifty percent poverty, Krasniqi should review his intensions: either serving his vanity and further extending his acting Presidency – or supporting the country. – KON

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