Assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi feels not responsible + New election of Kosovo President next week +

Krasniqi feels not responsible - but blames his staffPRISTINA, Kosovo ++  According to the Constitutional Court of Kosovo the election of Behgjet Pacolli as the new President of Kosovo by the Assembly was unconstitu-tional. Pacolli’s advisor Gashi declared that Pacolli is ready to respect this decision: "Pacolli will be the candidate of the coalition partners in the new election of a new president because based on the decision of the Constitutional Court, he did not violate the constitution".

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci stated, the President of Kosovo will be elected next week. Meanwhile Assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi … does not feel responsible for the unconstitutional election of Pacolli as President of Kosovo. Krasniqi even was quoted as saying, it was the Assembly administration, which was responsible for the procedures of the session which he chaired … ++ Read more here: News Monitor 31.03.2011 / Broadcast Monitor

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  • Kosovo Seeks to Expel Iranian Suspected of Terrorism Funding - ABC News 25/07/2016
    Kosovo Seeks to Expel Iranian Suspected of Terrorism FundingABC NewsKosovo prosecutors have asked a court to expel an Iranian man from the country on charges related to money laundering and terrorism funding. A statement from the special prosecutor's office in Pristina says the Iranian was the head of a local Shiite ...and more »
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    B92Kosovo's "sponsors" are pressuring countries - FMB92According to Serbia's foreign minister, it is exerted by "sponsors of Kosovo's independence on countries that have not yet recognized it, especially after their defeat in UNESCO." Dacic said in a written statement carried by the government's website ...and more »
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    Center for Research on GlobalizationISIS-Daesh Training Camps in Kosovo, Recruitment of Terrorists by NGOsCenter for Research on GlobalizationThere are at least five Daesh military training camps in Kosovo, located in remote areas near the self-proclaimed republic's border with Albania and Macedonia, a source close to the intelligence services told Sput […]
  • Kosovo has "huge structural problems related to employment" - B92 24/07/2016
    B92Kosovo has "huge structural problems related to employment"B92UNDP coordinator in Kosovo Andrew Russell has told B92 TV that the problems in Kosovo are the same as in the rest of the region, but that there are enormous structural problems relating to employment. However, he added that thousands of jobs have been ...
  • Three Kosovo Citizens Dead in Munich Attack - Balkan Insight 23/07/2016
    Balkan InsightThree Kosovo Citizens Dead in Munich AttackBalkan InsightThree Kosovo citizens were amongst the victims. This was confirmed by Kosovo's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement released on Saturday. “Our consulate in liaison with the German police and the family members has confirmed this morning that ...The Latest: Kosovo mourns 3 kille […]
  • Greek village mourns 17-year-old Munich shooting victim - Beaumont Enterprise 24/07/2016
    Beaumont EnterpriseGreek village mourns 17-year-old Munich shooting victimBeaumont EnterpriseMourners gather in Kosovo's capital Pristina on Sunday, July 24, 2016, in vigil for the victims of the Olympia shopping centre in Munich, where a shooting took place leaving nine people dead two days ago. Three ethnic Albanians, two women and a man ...and more » […]
  • Keeping The Lights On In Kosovo - Huffington Post 21/07/2016
    Keeping The Lights On In KosovoHuffington PostKosovo's energy transition is at a standstill. Between trying to live up to the standards of industrial countries and meeting the needs of its citizens, the tiny country of 1.8 million is grappling with the growing global pressure to adopt alternative ...
  • Kosovo Minister's Car Crashes After Paint Attack - Balkan Insight 22/07/2016
    Balkan InsightKosovo Minister's Car Crashes After Paint AttackBalkan InsightIn what appeared a planned ambush on Friday, opposition Vetevendosje [Self-Determination] party activists, threw paint at the car of the Kosovo Interior Minister, Skender Hyseni. Hyseni was inside the car, when it accelerated away from the paint attack ...Kosovo opposition spray […]
  • EULEX Kosovo: new Head of mission appointed - Consilium - EU News 20/07/2016
    EULEX Kosovo: new Head of mission appointed - ConsiliumEU NewsOn 20 July 2016, Ms Alexandra Papadopoulou, a senior diplomat from Greece, was appointed Head of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, ...and more »
  • Kosovo artists collaborate with Coloradans - Glenwood Springs Post Independent 22/07/2016
    Glenwood Springs Post IndependentKosovo artists collaborate with ColoradansGlenwood Springs Post IndependentThe picturesque Rifle Falls provided some much needed down time Thursday for some special visitors from Eastern Europe. An unusual scene took place as artists from Kosovo and locals congregated at the base of the falls to capture its beauty with easels […]

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  • The Latest: Police say shooter posted 'invitation' online 23/07/2016
    Kosovo leaders say three ethnic Albanians - two women and a man - were among the nine people killed by a gunman in Munich. President Hashim Thaci says on his Facebook page the deaths of the trio from Kosovo was "shocking" and says his nation stands with Germany in "denouncing and fighting any form of terrorism."
  • Can Greece copy Morocco, and stop sulking? 22/07/2016
    Anyone ever tried to get from Athens to Skopje or Pristina? It's a journey from hell as the excellent Aegean Airlines, which links all the region's cities, have eliminated Macedonia and Kosovo from their satellite map, writes Denis MacShane. Instead it's a 12-hour trip via Istanbul or Frankfurt, instead of a 60-minute hop to the capital cities […]
  • Kosovo opposition sprays paint on minister's car 22/07/2016
    " Supporters of Kosovo's main opposition political party have sprayed paint on the interior minister's car to protest against government orders not to allow its activist from neighboring Albania to enter the country. The party on Friday acknowledged that in a "symbolic act," activists of the Self-Determination Movement sprayed paint […]
  • Q&A with UN Secretary General Candidate Vesna Pusic 21/07/2016
    APRIL 8: Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic delivers a speech during a joint press conference with Kosovo's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci in Zagreb, Croatia on April 8, 2015. TIME foreign affairs columnist Ian Bremmer spoke to Vesna Pusic, Croatia's former Minister of Foreign and European Affai […]
  • Kosovo jails five for planning to pledge loyalty to Islamic state 18/07/2016
    A Kosovo court sent five people to prison for terms ranging from four to 13 years on terrorism charges for planning to pledge loyalty to the Islamic State and post a video of the event on the internet. "Their aim was to read the oath of the terrorist organisation Islamic State and publish it on the Internet to show the presence of ISIS in Kosovo," […]

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