Pacolli respects Court’s ruling + protest against arrests + War Victims +

Fatmire-Feka-When the war in Kosovo started in 99, my family fled, our house was burned down and our community was attacked by Serb military forces. Our family was split up and my brother Sami ...PRISHTINA / PRISTINA ++ “It is good that we have the Constitutional Court and I … will respect its decision” Pacolli said after the Court ruled that the election of the President of the Republic of Kosovo was unconstitutional ++ seemingly on Friday or on Monday next week the Assembly of Kosovo will hold a session to vote for the President of Kosovo ++ The War Veteran associations, the Assembly of students of the University of Pristina, and the NGOs network “Democracy in Action” protested yesterday in Pristina against the latest arrests of former Kosovo Liberation Army members and the arrest warrant issued against MP Fatmir Limaj ++ Between 24 March and 22 June 1999, an estimated 10,356 ethnic Albanians were killed in Kosovo during the wars in former Yugoslavia – according to victims data recently published by The Hague Tribunal – with an additional “… departure of at least 700,000 Kosovo Albanians from Kosovo in the short period of time between the end of March and beginning of June 1999” ++ read more here: News Monitor 30.03.2011 / Broadcast Monitor 29.03.2011

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  • Kosovo and Serbia sign 'landmark' agreements - BBC News 26/08/2015
    BBC NewsKosovo and Serbia sign 'landmark' agreementsBBC NewsKosovo and Serbia have signed a series of agreements in key areas, in a major step towards normalising ties. Serbs in northern Kosovo will enjoy greater rights through one of the deals, while Kosovo gains its own international dialling code in another.Serbia and Kosovo in cooperation dealT […]
  • Migrant crisis: Balkans 'part of the solution, not the problem' - 27/08/2015 crisis: Balkans 'part of the solution, not the problem' suffered its own crisis earlier this year, when in January and February 50,000 people left in a matter of weeks. Mr Thaci said that was down to the “false rumour” that Germany was giving out residents permits, and that numbers of Kosovan asylum ...Ba […]
  • Inside Kacanik, Kosovo's jihadist capital - 23/08/2015 Kacanik, Kosovo's jihadist summer, in an act that sent shockwaves across Kosovo, Muhaxheri posted Facebook pictures of himself apparently beheading another man suspected of spying against the Islamic State. Another shows him executing a Syrian man using an RPG.
  • Small protest held against Kosovo dialogue agreement - B92 27/08/2015
    Small protest held against Kosovo dialogue agreementB92Small protest held against Kosovo dialogue agreement. Supporters of the opposition ethnic Albanian Self-Determination party in Kosovo launched a series of protests today, Tanjug is reporting. Source: Tanjug Thursday, August 27, 2015 | 16:23 ...and more »
  • Framing Internationalization of West Papua Issues As Another Kosovo's Independency - JURIST 26/08/2015
    JURISTFraming Internationalization of West Papua Issues As Another Kosovo's IndependencyJURISTThis motive has shown its patterns by attempting to tailor the West Papua case as another Kosovo or any other country that is deemed to have become independent because it was exercising its right to secede protected under the international law. History ...
  • Kosovo PM defends son for being paid to fix government car - Yahoo News UK 25/08/2015
    Yahoo News UKKosovo PM defends son for being paid to fix government carYahoo News UKPRISTINA (Reuters) - Kosovo's prime minister has taken to Facebook to defend paying a company owned by his son to fix one of his official cars, sparking complaints of nepotism in a country rife with corruption. Isa Mustafa came to power last December ...and more »
  • Kosovo applies for UNESCO membership but Serbia opposes - 22/08/2015
    CBC.caKosovo applies for UNESCO membership but Serbia opposesCBC.caKosovo's Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci countered at a UN Security Council meeting that Kosovo is eligible to become a member of the UN Economic, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) before it becomes a UN member state — if UNESCO's ...Kosovo applies to join UNESCO, Serbia s […]
  • Kosovo: progress made thus far demands 'continuing commitment' from parties ... - UN News Centre 21/08/2015
    UN News CentreKosovo: progress made thus far demands 'continuing commitment' from parties ...UN News Centre21 August 2015 – The enormous strides already taken by Kosovo and Serbia through the European Union-facilitated dialogue demand continuing commitment from both the parties and the international community, the United Nations Security Council wa […]
  • In Kosovo, a Thirst for Progress, and Beer, Too - New York Times 20/08/2015
    New York TimesIn Kosovo, a Thirst for Progress, and Beer, TooNew York TimesOn weekends, Kosovo's millennials dance to Smiths and New Order songs from the 1980s as if they were hearing them for the first time at the new Irish pub Miqt ( in Pristina. The bar is by turns trendy and louche and hidden down ...and more »
  • Association of Serb communes is not the ideal solution, Kosovo's PM says - Journal of Turkish Weekly 27/08/2015
    Association of Serb communes is not the ideal solution, Kosovo's PM saysJournal of Turkish Weekly“Serbs of Kosovo are given more opportunities through the Association in terms of local economy, environment, education, culture, healthcare, etc. A modern state is the one that grants rights and liberties and not the one that limits them”, Matoshi says.

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  • Serbia and Kosovo hail 'landmark' agreements 27/08/2015
    Serbia and Kosovo voiced satisfaction Wednesday with an EU-brokered deal that marked a major step forward in normalizing ties between the former foes, and boosted hopes of faster accession to the European Union. "We have gained more than we hoped for," Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told national broadcaster RTS of Tuesday's agreement […]
  • Serbia and Kosovo sign 'landmark' deal 26/08/2015
    Serbia and Kosovo reached agreement Tuesday on key issues for better relations between the two countries, and between Albanian and Serbian people in Kosovo. The deal, brokered in Brussels by EU chief diplomat Federica Mogherini, establishes strong local powers for Kosovo areas with a Serbian majority.
  • Kosovo applies to join UNESCO, Serbia says it's not a state 22/08/2015
    Kosovo says it has applied for membership in the United Nations' scientific and cultural organization - a move immediately opposed by Serbia which argues that it's not qualified because it isn't a state. Kosovo's Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci countered at a Security Council meeting Friday that Kosovo is eligible to become a member of the […]
  • Erdogan 'Launders Millions By Building Mosques In Kosovo': Kosovo Press Alleges. 19/08/2015
    ERDOGAN "LAUNDERS MILLIONS BY BUILDING MOSQUES IN KOSOVO": KOSOVO PRESS ALLEGES. The Other News Aug 17 2015 Millions of euros are flowing from Turkey to Kosovo "through illegal routes, bypassing banks," according to the Pristina-based Albanian language daily Zeri.
  • Serbia fears EU will pressure Greece to recognise Kosovo 17/08/2015
    The Serbian press has speculated that one of the conditions that Greece must fulfill to receive financial assistance from the West includes recognizing Kosovo, a former Serbian province which Belgrade refuses to recognise as an independent state. The Serbian daily Blic says that there ware obvious signs that Greece's vulnerable financial situation means […]

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  • Renaming of Bosnian Language Sparks School Boycott 28/08/2015
    Dozens of Bosniak parents will send their children to a temporary educational establishment instead of regular schools in protest at the Bosnian Serb government’s renaming of the Bosnian language as ‘Bosniak’.
  • Merkel: Summit Has Shown EU's Commitment To Balkans 27/08/2015
    Austrian and German leaders hail Vienna summit as proof of the EU's commitment to the region, announce support for infrastucture projects and pledge solidarity over refugee crisis.
  • Migrant Deaths Cast Pall Over Balkan Summit 27/08/2015
    Leaders attending the Balkan summit in Vienna have been shocked by news of dozens of migrants found dead in a lorry in Austria.
  • Civil Activists Seek Expanded Role in Balkans' Future 27/08/2015
    Civil sector groups from six Western Balkans countres urged their political leaders to secure freedom of expression and media independence, also calling for more of a role in their countries' EU integration processes.
  • Srebrenica Commander Naser Oric Charged With War Crimes 27/08/2015
    Former Bosnian Army general Naser Oric, who led Bosniak forces in battles against Serb troops in Srebrenica, was charged with war crimes against Serb prisoners in the area in 1992. 
  • Balkan Summit Urged to Tackle Bilateral Disputes 27/08/2015
    Western Balkan countries must step up their efforts to resolve bilateral disputes with EU help, civil society groups on Thursday told the Western Balkans Summit in Vienna.
  • Serbian War Criminal Sainovic Returns to Belgrade 27/08/2015
    The former deputy prime minister of Yugoslavia, Nikola Sainovic, convicted of war crimes in the Kosovo conflict, was released and returned home after serving two-thirds of his 18-year prison sentence.
  • Serbian Minister Bans Anti-Migrant Protests 27/08/2015
    Civil rights groups have welcomed the Serbian government's decision to ban a planned right-wing rally against migrants set for Monday.
  • Macedonia Scraps Lustration, Keeps Sanctions Against ‘Spies’ 27/08/2015
    Macedonia plans to keep sanctioning people deemed to be former Communist secret police collaborators even after scrapping its much-criticised Lustration Law next year.
  • EU Stumps up Aid for Refugees in Balkans 26/08/2015
    Ahead of the Western Balkan summit in Vienna, which will be overshadowed by the refugee crisis, the European Commision has offered another 1.5 million euro in humanitarian aid.
  • Croatia Court Refuses to Free Ex-PM Sanader 26/08/2015
    A Zagreb court rejected a plea to release former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader from custody, keeping him in prison indefinitely.
  • Albanian Church Demolition Angers Greece 26/08/2015
    Athens has compared the demolition of the contested church of St Athanas in a village in southern Albania to the actions of Islamist jihadists in the Middle East.
  • Vucic Faces Charges Over BIRN Business School Probe 26/08/2015
    The Serbian opposition political movement “Enough is enough”, led by Sasa Radulovic, has filed charges against Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic based on a BIRN investigation into loans granted by the Belgrade Business School.
  • Serbia and Kosovo Reach Four Key Agreements 26/08/2015
    Serbian and Kosovo officials on Tuesday reached four key agreements in what the EU called a landmark achievement in the normalisation process, enabling both sides to advance on their European path.
  • Refugee Crisis to Overshadow Balkan Summit 26/08/2015
    The refugee crisis is expected to dominate the Vienna summit of Western Balkan leaders on Thursday that will be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country expects to take in a record 800,000 migrants this year.
  • Macedonia, Serbia Expect New Refugee Wave 25/08/2015
    A new wave of about 2,000 refugees is shortly expected to reach Presevo, in southern Serbia, on the border with Macedonia, the local Red Cross said.
  • Serbia To Expand Gas Storage Capacities 25/08/2015
    Serbia's Prime Minister says Belgrade must develop the capacity of its only gas storage, at Banatski Dvor, after encountering obstacles in finding alternative gas supplies and routes.
  • Croatian Army Petitioned to Adopt Fascist Slogan 25/08/2015
    President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has immediately rejected a petition signed by 3,200 people calling for the army to start using the Croatian WWII-era fascist chant ‘Za dom spremni’.

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