Kosovo Police to fight crimes in Serb populated northern Kosovo

KP1PRISTINA, Kosovo — Reportedly the Kosovo Police Forces are expected to intervene in the predominantly Serb populated  northern Kosovo in the third week of May. As to Kosovo media, the director general of the Kosovo Police, Reshat Maliqi, stated that foreseen activities are based on an operational plan with the aim to hit criminal networks. According to Maliqi, the Kosovo Police launched several changes in its chain of command in order to implement according activities. This process is said to be finished in a few days: "… after Thursday, there will be something" Maliqi said. 

As to Kosovo media, Kosovo Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo approached EULEX with the request to cooperate on targeting several key points of crime in the north. Despite this EULEX spokesman James Nickolls was quoted as saying that "currently there is nothing new that is likely to happen for any joint action between EULEX and the Kosovo Police or action plan for the north".

Nevertheless EULEX Head Xavier de Marnhac in the meantime announced to establish a task force of EULEX police, justice and customs officers with special focus on fighting organized crime in northern Kosovo.

In the past the European Union rule-of-law mission in Kosovo – EULEX -faced repeated complaints regarding its inactivity in providing law and order equally particularly in the northern Kosovo municipalities. Recently Kosovo parliament members even expressed their believe, EULEX would cooperate with Serbian parallel structures. KON / NK

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