Kosovo freedom of press limited

Edward.P.JosephPRISTINA, Kosovo — The freedom of press and media in Kosovo remains limited. This is the outcome of the yearly Freedom House evaluation. The independent organization Freedom House observes and "identifies the greatest threats to independent media in 196 countries and territories." In order to compare the state of media freedom, the organization developed a scale from 0-100: countries within 0-30 points are considered as providing a free press environment. Grades of 31-60 indicate a limited or partly free press, whereas a range of 61-100 shows countries without free media (so less points means more freedom). For Kosovo the results are alarming:

From a level of 53 points in the last year, according to the Freedom House report, the situation improved insignificantly to a level of 51 points. Compared to its neighboring countries, Kosovo shows the worst performance in terms of free media. Albania is ranked on a level of 50 points, followed from Bosnia with 48, Montenegro with 37 and Serbia with 33 points.

The report was presented "as part of the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day celebration." Edward P. Joseph, the acting head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo expressed his concerns "… over different forms of pressure on journalists performing their duties", as well as "… about alleged attempts to unduly influence the editorial policy of media in general and of the public broadcaster (RTK) in particular."

Take a look at the Freedom House Ranking and at the Media Map. For more information on Kosova Media refer to the KON Media-Info.


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