Kosovo Visa Liberalization – still unsolved?

Khaldoun.SinnoPRISTINA, Kosovo — Khaldoun Sinno, head of the European Commission Liaison Office in Prishtina, requests further efforts to achieve visa liberalization for Kosovo: “Since 2009, when we proposed a dialogue for visa liberalization for Kosovo, we have been focused on two main issues: repatriation and reintegration of returnees” … “Some progress has been made in terms of repatriation – some agreements have been reached … but there should be done more in terms of reintegration. … our mission realized that not much has been done in this regard at the local level.”

Sinno also reminded negative experiences concerning the beforehand established visa liberalization in further Balkan countries, resulting subsequently in reluctance regarding this process for Kosovo at some EU states.

Referring to the Marty report on alleged organ trafficking in Kosovo Sinno denies an at least direct impact on the visa liberalization process said: “I don’t think that this report has affected relations between Kosovo and the international community. But it is true that the reports, such as the Marty one, have damaged Kosovo’s image. The best that Kosovo can do is to … improve the image that has been created.” – For more see Koha, NOA, SETimes,



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  • Kosovo office head urges "dialogue instead of arrests" - B92 01/09/2014
    Kosovo office head urges "dialogue instead of arrests"B92The director of the Serbian Government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija at the same time called for dialogue as a way resolve problems. "Those warrants have caused great distress among the Serbs in northern Kosovo, so it is necessary to sit down and ...
  • UNSC backs war crimes court for Kosovo - B92 01/09/2014
    B92UNSC backs war crimes court for KosovoB92Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said that Serbia expects a special court to be set up as soon as possible, by the beginning of the next year at the latest, before which indictments will be raised against leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) ...
  • The Hidden Growth of Islamic Extremism in Kosovo - New Eastern Europe 22/08/2014
    The EconomistThe Hidden Growth of Islamic Extremism in KosovoNew Eastern EuropeKosova independence Vienna 17-02-2008 b The recent arrest of 40 alleged Islamic radicals in Kosovo together with the arrest of one of the Kosovo Imams suspected of being an inspirer of jihad in the region brought serious questions about the ...Holy warriorsThe Economist (blog)Turk […]
  • Serbia will not sign peace accord with Kosovo - InSerbia News 02/09/2014
    InSerbia NewsSerbia will not sign peace accord with KosovoInSerbia NewsAt last week's Western Balkans conference in Berlin, Taci told German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as all other officials attending, that Kosovo is ready to resume the second part of the stage in the dialogue that he said should end with an ...EUROPE > Kosovo vote key test fo […]
  • Discovery: A Clothing Shop Inspired by Hillary Clinton in Kosovo (of All Places) - Yahoo Travel 27/08/2014
    Yahoo TravelDiscovery: A Clothing Shop Inspired by Hillary Clinton in Kosovo (of All Places)Yahoo TravelDrive down Bill Clinton Boulevard in Pristina, Kosovo's capital, and you would be hard-pressed to miss the gleaming, 10-foot-tall statue of the former president of the United States waving. It's an impressive monument to honor Clinton for his hel […]
  • Kosovo pays homage to Hillary Clinton with a clothing shop - The Independent 29/08/2014
    The IndependentKosovo pays homage to Hillary Clinton with a clothing shopThe IndependentThe shop is on a road called Bill Clinton Boulevard, which has a 10-foot-tall statue of the former president of the United States to honour him for his help in ending the conflict with Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War in the late 1990s. The most ...In Kosovo, shoppers flo […]
  • A Kosovo Mother's Plea: 'Bring My Boy Back' -- From Syria - RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty 01/09/2014
    A Kosovo Mother's Plea: 'Bring My Boy Back' -- From SyriaRadioFreeEurope/RadioLibertyPRISTINA -- Pranvera Abazi thought that her husband, Arben, and 8-year-old son, Erion, were going on a weekend trip to Rugova, a popular gorge in Kosovo. But three days after they left the family's house in Pristina on July 7, she received an alarming ... […]
  • Kosovo: citing recent unrest, UN envoy urges close vigilance to safeguard ... - UN News Centre 29/08/2014
    UN News CentreKosovo: citing recent unrest, UN envoy urges close vigilance to safeguard ...UN News Centre29 August 2014 – The United Nations envoy for Kosovo today said that while great strides have been made since last year toward normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, close vigilance remains essential to safeguard achievements and ...
  • War crimes in Kosovo - The Economist 07/08/2014
    B92War crimes in KosovoThe EconomistTHIS is Kosovo's holiday-and-wedding season, but some in the small Balkan state don't feel much like celebrating this year. On July 29th Clint Williamson, an American prosecutor leading a special European Union task-force investigating war crimes, came ...UNSC to hold session on Kosovo on Aug 25B92Bill Clinton […]
  • KFOR announces more patrols in Kosovo - InSerbia News 01/09/2014
    InSerbia NewsKFOR announces more patrols in KosovoInSerbia NewsSindjelic, 30, a member of the Serbian Gendarmerie from the Kraljevo detachment, was killed in the armed attack by several ethnic Albanians from Kosovo-Metohija (KiM) which took place on August 28, not far from the Merdare crossing at the ...

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  • Albania to Issue New Passports to Citizens Born Abroad 02/09/2014
    The Albanian government will issue tens of thousands of new passports to citizens abroad following a row with Greece over the language of place names in their documents.
  • Serbia Locates Alleged Organ Trafficking Doctor 02/09/2014
    Serbian authorities say they have located Yusuf Sonmez - who the EU rule of law of mission in Kosovo, EULEX, has accused of people trafficking and organised crime - in Amsterdam.
  • Chinese Arrest Belgrade Hit-and-Run Suspect 02/09/2014
    Serbia's Interior Minister said the man suspected of killing a 21-year-old in a hit-and-run incident in Belgrade had been arrested in China and would be extradited to Serbia.
  • Romanian Leader Woos Investors in China 02/09/2014
    Prime Minister Victor Ponta started an official visit to China on Monday aimed at attracting new investment to the cash-strapped Balkan country.
  • French Ambassador Leaves Bosnia by Bike 02/09/2014
    With his unusual decision to cycle back to France, departing ambassador Roland Gilles sent a message about breaking down barriers in communities to the divided country.
  • Islamic Jihadists Transiting Croatia, Report Warns 02/09/2014
    Members of radical Islamic groups are crossing Croatian territory to fight in Iraq and Syria, a report by Croatia's Security and Intelligence Agency, the SOA, said.
  • 'Trial' Dashes Hope of End to Balkan Church Feud 02/09/2014
    The Serbian Orthodox Church decision to 'try' the head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church as a secessionist has dampened hopes of an end to the dispute between the two churches.
  • Montenegro Teachers' Union Calls Strike 02/09/2014
    After failing to strike a deal with the government over a pay rise and additional benefits last week, the education workers’ trade union is set to hold a brief strike.
  • Bosniak Policeman Denies Abusing Serb Civilians 02/09/2014
    Former policeman Hajrudin Dedic, accused of detaining and beating Serb civilians in Breza in 1992, said that he knew nothing about the crimes before the investigation started.
  • Goran Hadzic Denies Controlling Paramilitary Arkan 01/09/2014
    Former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic resumed his war crimes defence at the Hague Tribunal, distancing himself from Serb paramilitaries fighting in Croatia and from Slobodan Milosevic.
  • Serbian Province Launches Sex Education Classes 01/09/2014
    High school students in the Serbian province of Vojvodina now have the option to take sexual education courses after surveys showed that many pupils knew little about reproductive health.
  • Hundreds of Bosnian Pupils Fail to Start School 01/09/2014
    Unresolved rows over school curriculums and unrepaired damage to buildings after major floods in May meant that hundreds of pupils missed the first day of the new school year.
  • Foul Play Alleged in Macedonia PM Slander Case 01/09/2014
    The defence criticised the court for rejecting as evidence an audio recording during which, the opposition claims, the Macedonian PM discussed the illegal sale of a bank.
  • Arrest Warrants Issued for Kosovo Serb Politicians 01/09/2014
    The EU rule-of-law mission wants to arrest a Serb mayor and former mayor – a move that could further heighten tensions in the north of Kosovo.
  • Bosnia Arrests 13 War Crimes Suspects 01/09/2014
    The Bosnian State Investigation and Protection Agency arrested 13 people on suspicion of taking part in crimes against humanity, including over 40 murders, in Doboj and Teslic in 1992.
  • New Bulgaria Bank Crisis Threatens Confidence 01/09/2014
    Failure to resolve the fate of the country’s fourth-largest lender could undermine recently strengthened investor trust and turn Bulgaria into ‘Europe’s Argentina’, experts warn.
  • Macedonia Hopes to Lure Hollywood Filmmakers 01/09/2014
    Macedonia hopes to reap a long-term benefit from a team of Hollywood filmmakers who have agreed to come and search for possible movie locations in the country while shooting some promotional videos.
  • Romania Nominates Woman for EU Commissioner 01/09/2014
    Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta said he has nominated a woman for an EU commissioner post’s as well as the current EU agriculture commissioner, Dacian Ciolos.



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