Serbia wants Division of Kosovo

Borko.StefanovicPRISTINA, Kosovo — As anticipated by the Serbian political analyst Milan Marinkovic within his recently presented article, titled “Serbia and Kosovo: war of nerves”, Serbian government politicians now seemingly start changing the EU mediated technical dialogue of Kosovo and Serbia into a discussion about the “status” of the Republic of Kosovo: Despite former rejection regarding the Kosovar declaration of independence, Borko Stefanovic, head of the Serbian negotiation team considers “the possibility of talking about the division of Kosovo" aiming at cutting out the northern Kosovo region, which is since Kosovo’s secession in 1999 populated by a Serb majority.

However, a possible territorial division is widely refused by representatives of the government of Kosovo.  In this context several politicians from Kosovo repeatedly “answered” with the request to integrate the southern Serbian region of Presheva, with a said to be almost exclusively Albanian population, into the Kosovan borders. Meanwhile EU and USA representatives likewise repeated over the last days, that a partition is not on the agenda. See e.g.  Radio Free Europe and  B92.


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  • Kosovo tries to stem flow of ISIL recruits - Al Jazeera America 23/09/2014
    Al Jazeera AmericaKosovo tries to stem flow of ISIL recruitsAl Jazeera AmericaFERIZAJ, Kosovo — The night before 23-year-old Blerim Heta disappeared from his home in the small farming village of Varosh, he left a letter for his mother under his pillow. He was leaving Kosovo for Syria and would not be coming back. “I ask you to ...
  • Kosovo president: Europe can't be 'corridor' for Islamic terror groups - Fox News 23/09/2014
    Fox NewsKosovo president: Europe can't be 'corridor' for Islamic terror groupsFox News“Unfortunately, Kosovo, like other European countries and others around the world, can't be immune to this global threat that the foreign fighters are imposing,” said Jahjaga. “We are taking this threat very seriously and our security mechanisms are ... […]
  • Oscars: Kosovo Selects 'Three Windows and a Hanging' for Foreign-Language ... - Hollywood Reporter 23/09/2014
    Hollywood ReporterOscars: Kosovo Selects 'Three Windows and a Hanging' for Foreign-Language ...Hollywood ReporterKosovo, the tiny former Serbian region that won independence in 2008 after a decade of bitter and violent ethnic clashes, has for the first time nominated a film for the Academy Awards. Isa Qosja's Three Windows and a Hanging, which […]
  • Kosovo 'imams held' in raids on Islamic State recruitment - BBC News 17/09/2014
    BBC NewsKosovo 'imams held' in raids on Islamic State recruitmentBBC NewsFifteen people have been detained in Kosovo in an operation aimed at tackling recruitment of fighters for Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq. Among them are several imams, including the head of Pristina's Grand Mosque, Shefqet Krasniqi, local reports ...Kosovo arrests 1 […]
  • Serbian shrines in Kosovo surrounded by hostility - Gulf Times 22/09/2014
    Gulf TimesSerbian shrines in Kosovo surrounded by hostilityGulf TimesSTILL STANDING: The monastery church of Decani in Pec, Kosovo. There are some 25 monks, most of them in their prime, still living here despite hostility from ethnic Albanians. The Decani monastery is kept under the tight scrutiny by an Italian ...
  • Trokit and PR Solutions to represent DDB in Kosovo - Digjitale 23/09/2014
    Trokit and PR Solutions to represent DDB in KosovoDigjitaleIn an announcement today by Kosovar companies Trokit and PR Solutions, DDB will be present in Kosovo and will open up an office called DDB Kosova. The worldwide company has been established in 1949, and now has over 13,000 employees and over ...
  • B92 "Insider" accuses Nebojsa Covic of being a part of Kosovo scam - InSerbia News 23/09/2014
    B92 "Insider" accuses Nebojsa Covic of being a part of Kosovo scamInSerbia NewsBELGRADE – The beginning of the new season of the “Insider” series on TV B92, revealed that part of the money intended for the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija ended up as “donation” to the company whose shareholders are Nebojsa Covic and his wife ...
  • Shepherding in the new Kosovo - BBC News 04/09/2014
    Shepherding in the new KosovoBBC NewsThe houses were all empty. As our car rattled around increasingly vertiginous turns through southern Kosovo's Šar Mountains, our driver pointed out nearby villages, each a haphazard cluster of homes dotting the golden-brown heath. None, he said, had ...
  • The Shortsightedness of NATO's War with Serbia Over Kosovo Haunts Ukraine - The National Interest Online (blog) 02/09/2014
    The National Interest Online (blog)The Shortsightedness of NATO's War with Serbia Over Kosovo Haunts UkraineThe National Interest Online (blog)Today it seems the past is just history. US president Barack Obama and secretary of state, John Kerry, have lamented the return to "19th century politics," with its outdated "spheres of influence […]
  • Kosovo nursery for jihad? - InSerbia News 22/09/2014
    Kosovo nursery for jihad?InSerbia NewsPRISTINA – Kosovo authorities detained 60 people, suspected to have been at war for the so-called Islamic State or have indoctrinated and recruited fighters for the war in Syria and Iraq. Arrests followed fears that actions such as ones in Syria and ...

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  • OSCE Condemns Death Threats Against Kosovar Journalist 18/09/2014
    The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe has condemned a series of death threats against Artan Haraqija, an RFE/RL journalist who has been reporting on radical Islamic groups in Kosovo. Jean-Claude Schlumberger, the OSCE mission chief in Kosovo, called on September 18 for authorities in Pristina to bring to justice those who have threatened Ha […]
  • Echoes of Khodorkovsky Case in Tycoon's Arrest, Kosovo Nets Islamist Leaders 18/09/2014
    Plus, the Ukraine crisis takes a toll on regional economies and an UN anti-torture group says Baku hinders its work. Russian billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov was detained on money laundering charges 16 September in a case that sparked immediate comparisons to the 2003 arrest of former Yukos oil company head Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Bloomberg reports .
  • An artist reclaims Jewish sites in Kosovo 18/09/2014
    Elana Katz, a performance artist, waits to greet people attending her performance commemorating Jewish Kosovo in September 2014. Since 2011, American conceptual artist Elana Katz has been performing in Europe at sites once identified with Jewish communities, through a project called Spaced Memory.
  • Pope Faces Serious Islamic Threat on Albanian Trip 18/09/2014
    Small Balkan Country Has Been Model of Muslim-Christian Coexistence Concluding his weekly catechesis in St. Peter's Square Wednesday, Pope Francis asked the faithful to accompany him in prayer as he travels to Albania on Sunday. "I decided to visit this country because it has suffered greatly as a result of a terrible atheist regime and is now real […]
  • Iraq opposes deploying U.S. ground forces, premier says 18/09/2014
    A Muslim cleric is arrested in Pristina, Kosovo, for allegedly recruiting people to fight in Iraq. Photo: Visar Kryeziu, Associated Press Iraq's new prime minister ruled out stationing U.S. ground troops in his country, chiding the international community Wednesday for inaction in Syria and lamenting the "puzzling" exclusion of neighboring Ira […]
  • Kosovo arrests 15 over promoting radical Islam 17/09/2014
    Kosovo police officers guard the entrance of a makeshift mosque after raid in Kosovo capital Pristina August 11, 2014. PRISTINA: One of Kosovo's leading Muslim preachers was among 15 people arrested by police Wednesday for recruiting people to join the jihad in Iraq and Syria, local media reported.
  • Kosovo Imams Arrested In Bid To Stem Militant Recruiting 17/09/2014
    Fifteen influential Muslim figures have been arrested across Kosovo in a crackdown targeting what authorities say is a recruiting network for the Islamic State militant group and Al-Qaeda's branch in Syria, the Al-Nusra Front. Authorities told RFE/RL's Kosovo unit that those arrested on September 17 include Shefqet Krasniqi, the imam of the Grand M […]
  • Kosovo makes arrests in new push to stem flow of fighters to Syria, Iraq 17/09/2014
    Police in Kosovo arrested 15 people on Wednesday, including a number of imams, in the second major operation in weeks to stem the flow of young ethnic Albanians joining Islamist fighters in Iraq and Syria, a police source said. Local media reported that an influential imam of the Grand Mosque in the capital, Pristina, was among those arrested, as was the lea […]
  • Populist Hillary To Award Clinton Foundation Honors to Leo DiCaprio at Gala 15/09/2014
    Later this month, the Clinton Foundation is throwing a big gala to honor its 2014 Global Citizen Award winner, actor Leonardo DiCaprio. But with this hoity-toity gala, so much for Hillary being the "populist" woman of the people.
  • Remains repatriated from Raska, Serbia 12/09/2014
    Additional evidentiary material and other documentation were also received. The remains will be transported to the DFM Headquarters in Pristina, where the human identification work will be carried out.
  • Com Kfor met with the Us ambassador 11/09/2014
    September 10, 2014, Prishtina- KFOR Commander, Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, met this morning with the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Her Excellency Tracey Jacobson, at the US embassy in Pristina. This is the first official visit since General Figliuolo assumed KFOR command on the 3rd September, 2014 and it is part of key leaders meetings conducted regu […]
  • Balkans, Turkey crackdown on ISIL 11/09/2014
    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is planning terrors attack in Europe, raising serious security concerns in the Balkans and Turkey, experts said. Hundreds of Islamic extremists from the Balkans have joined ISIL and some have advertised their participation on social media.
  • Foley execution rocks regional media 03/09/2014
    War correspondents in region cite a deteriorating press situation in the Middle East following the execution of US journalist James Foley.
  • What's Your Worst Bus Horror Story? 03/09/2014
    As was firmly established earlier today , bus drivers are all nihilists, and bus transport is quite possibly the worst kind of public transportation, anywhere.
  • A Kosovo Mother's Plea: 'Bring My Boy Back' -- From Syria 01/09/2014
    Pranvera Abazi thought that her husband, Arben, and eight-year-old son, Erion, were going on a weekend trip to Rugova, a popular gorge in Kosovo.
  • Peace Corps is family tradition for the Mangans 31/08/2014
    It's not unusual for a little brother to follow an older brother around the house, the neighborhood, and on into school activities, clubs, sports, and maybe even the same college.
  • Kosovo: citing recent unrest, UN envoy urges close vigilance to safeguard achievements 30/08/2014
    Briefing the Security Council on the Secretary-General's latest report, Ban Ki-moon's Special Representative and Head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo , Farid Zarif, expressed concern over recent developments.

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  • Millions Earmarked For Kosovo Serbs 'Wasted' 23/09/2014
    Hundreds of millions of euros from the Serbian budget that is supposed to help the Serbs in Kosovo have been misspent, a new TV investigation claims.  
  • Air Serbia Launches Flights to Albania 23/09/2014
    Tirana International Airport, TIA, inaugurated a new route between Tirana and Belgrade on Tuesday through Serbia’s national carrier, Air Serbia, which will operate the route three times a week.
  • Croatian Serb Leader Hadzic ‘Had Little Wartime Influence’ 23/09/2014
    Former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic did not have much influence over the situation in the Serb-controlled area of Krajina in Croatia during the conflict, a defence witness told his Hague Tribunal trial.
  • Croatia Police Arrest Anti-Cyrillic Activists in Vukovar 23/09/2014
    Five people were arrested after war veterans tore down bilingual signs in Croatian Latin and Serbian Cyrillic script in the latest unrest over the language issue in the wartime flashpoint town.
  • TV Star's Spying Confession Rocks Romania 23/09/2014
    Top journalist's admission that he worked for years as a senior officer in military intelligence has startled his colleagues and raised questions about the role of the media in society.
  • Croatia Joins Balkan Anti-IS Coalition 23/09/2014
    Alongside the other Balkan states, Croatia has joined the US-led coalition against the Islamic State militants, although its obligations remain unclear.
  • NATO Aspirant Montenegro Launches Intelligence Reforms 23/09/2014
    To meet one of the key conditions for obtaining an invitation to join NATO, Montenegro plans to reform its intelligence agency to meet the Western military alliance's standards.
  • Anti-Fascist Victims of WWII Honoured in Zagreb 23/09/2014
    A new temporary memorial was unveiled in a park in the Croatian capital to honour thousands of people who were executed there by Zagreb’s wartime Ustasa pro-Nazi regime.
  • Mladic Soldier: Muslim Paramilitaries Burned Serb Homes 23/09/2014
    Bosnian Serb ex-soldier Bozidar Krnojelac testified on behalf of his former commander Ratko Mladic that Bosniak forces torched Serbs’ houses in the Foca area in 1992.
  • Balkan Greens Push for New Energy and Climate Targets 23/09/2014
    In a joint statement, green NGOs in the Balkans have called for the expansion of the environmental and climate component of the Energy Community Treaty and new measures to ensure that existing obligations are better enforced.
  • Tito’s Private Books Opened to Public 22/09/2014
    The Museum of Yugoslav History will allow public access to parts of Josip Broz Tito’s private library this month, as well as showing off the paintings he collected.
  • Bosnian Serbs Erect Huge Cross Above Sarajevo 22/09/2014
    The unauthorised installation of the cross on a hill above the Muslim-majority city besieged by Serb forces in wartime caused outrage, with reports that some people tried to pull it down.
  • Macedonia Criticises New US Ambassador 22/09/2014
    Macedonia is sending a protest note to the United States after the newly-appointed American ambassador to Skopje called Macedonians “Slavs” during a hearing at the US Senate.
  • Eight Bosnian Serbs Charged With Rogatica Killings 22/09/2014
    The Bosnian prosecution filed an indictment against eight former Bosnian Serb troops for killing 20 civilians, mainly women, children and elderly people, in the Rogatica area in 1992.
  • Genocide Trial Archive Opens at Srebrenica Memorial 22/09/2014
    The Sense news agency, which covers war crimes trials, opened the new archive of case documents, witness testimonies and forensic evidence at the Srebrenica genocide memorial centre in Potocari.
  • Croatia Campaigners Urge Church Funding Cut 22/09/2014
    Secularist NGOs demonstrated for the state to give less money to the Catholic Church and terminate agreements with the Vatican guaranteeing the church an important role in social affairs.
  • Pope Francis Praises Albania’s Religious Tolerance 22/09/2014
    Once the world’s first atheist country, Albania is now a model of religious coexistence that the whole world should follow, Pope Francis said during his landmark visit on Sunday.
  • Montenegro to Put Arms Exporter up For Sale 22/09/2014
    Montenegro has decided to sell off its state-owned arms exporter and a manufacturer of explosives, in the hope of bringing in strategic partners that will update the companies.



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